Way to Enlightenment is Through Within


Ms Anupama Munshi, Assistant Professor, Department of BCA

Happiness is what each one of us is seeking, and in this process we do whatever is possible for us and most of us concentrate on the things around us, making them the end goal and even feeling happy when we attain them. Success, fame, money ,status does make us happy but still in the long run inspite of having all those there are times when we feel miserable. We feel something or the other is missing. When we introspect we realize most of us are after relative happiness, and forget absolute happiness somewhere in our journey. Relative happiness is momentary while Absolute happiness is eternal and leads to enlightened state of mind. An enlightened state is a state of a human is an eternal bliss where we have a balanced, calm and wise approach towards life. The way to enlightenment goes through within and not through our external environment. We have to work on ourselves rather than working on trying to change others or our environment. This is the way to attain Absolute happiness also. Working on ourselves also leads to Human Revolution. If we just keep a watch on our thoughts, words and actions we can brighten our life with new sun every day. Reacting and responding to things and situations are totally different from each other. While reacting involves just answering without thinking, responding is a more balanced approach and reacting after taking a pause and understanding the situation as well. If we all focus on ourselves in the context of improving, and transforming our weaknesses into strengths then absolute happiness can be attained which will be gradually followed by enlightenment. Victories and defeat are part of everyone’s lives but the real victory is victory our own faults, real victory is not giving up on ourselves, it is challenging our own selves and improving every day no matter how small the improvement is. The more we work on ourselves, rather than criticizing others, the happier and contended we become. The more our focus on challenging our own weaknesses, we grow strong, confident and happy. The enlightened state is a state of calm and confident self, state where momentary setbacks don’t effect anymore state where our life condition is not only high but we are a source of encouragement and inspiration to others as well. Human Revolution ,that is transforming our inner negative tendencies into positive ones leads to Absolute happiness which is a stage where we rise above petty issues, and petty defeats, where we focus on strengthening our bonds and this ultimately leads to Enlightened state of life where we can be an epitome of strength and also an inspiration to others.

Let’s encourage each other and move forward together. Let’s take care of means, end will take care of itself………………

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