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Where Are the Kites…

As every other evening, I was standing at the bus stop where people waiting for their buses looked more thoughtless than the non-respiring buses that they were waiting for. Smart ladies with Gucchi purses (I doubt, if original) made me feel proud at one moment and think of a future like theirs at the other. A day long work and then a ‘need-to-sleep-but-have-to-cook’ expression at their faces told me why this category of unfortunate bus stand lovers looked thoughtless. Then I turned my eyes over perfectly crisped shirts, mostly in check patterns complimented with dark shades of trousers. And then I moved my eyes over the faces that these clothes were carrying (Ooops! Reverse). The faces that had uniquely same nose, eyes, lips, and sweat! This category looked exhausted, as if dreaming to take the wrong bus intentionally and go on a different route of which they hope to be a swimming pool of delightful and stress free life. This category is often seen staring at the cars that could afford their owners (Ooops! Reverse). Well, they are tired, dreamers…yet thoughtless! And there was a happy category (or a bunch) of a blend of smart, sweet, funny people laughing at one liners and PJ’s. This group was though not very unfortunate to be a member of ‘Bus Stop Club’, as they looked full of life and their life appeared full of reasons to be thoughtless. Neither they had any tension of what to cook today, nor were they tired of any scheduled life. All they cared about was ‘who is going to pay for Momos and Cream Roll’. Aaaah! This life! This youthful, sparkling life! It takes a lot to reach to this life!
Where we stand today, may be considered a part of our decisions, but how we stand is a long story of our upbringing. We believe in moving on with the passing of time. We believe in collecting what comes our way and live with it. We believe in a lifestyle that is fast paced and flashing. Without realizing what we leave behind while we believe to be at the top!
While my half empty brain unnecessarily observed these thoughtless appearing unfortunate bus lovers, the whistle of my phone (yea! Smart one) beeped. I scrolled down the curtain on the screen to check my notifications! There were a few people fascinating me with ‘abe chal’, ‘mogambo khush hua’, ’satakli’ etc sort of stickers on Hike. Also there were two messages for some property at Noida Expressway. And a few messages on whatsapp some of which made an appeal to set Indian Flag as Profile Picture.
Well now! That’s Pretty Interesting! (Yo Holiday!) The non respiring buses, the thoughtless people, the carefree youngsters… nothing entertained my half empty brain about the Holiday (ooo… I should mean holy day). And something more alarming at the moment was no excitement for the 68th Independence Day. I rolled my eyes up to check if the sky was as vibrant as I used to see Pre-Independence day few years back. I wanted to check if the craze of ‘I-BOW’ still exists. But I realised, things have changed and now restricted to change of whatsapp DP. I could soon sense the clear skies of the evening, which years ago at the same time used to play with a no. of colourful rhombus thing- The KITES!
Days before the celebration of Independence Day, I remember running up to the terrace with every single Kid living in the same building where I did. We always had one or two uncles who used to join us, not just because they helped us fly the kites, but also because they feared that we kids will ape Shaktiman and his revolving stunt on terrace. As a part of Contradiction, today a 6-year old would be considered mature and smart enough to operate tablets and chat on Social Networking Sites.
I remember the Celebration used to be grand, though on a small scale. As what we valued was the fun and get to gathers. The aunties would make Samosas and Pakodas (I doubt, if they could actually make something so delicious), there used to be songs, dancing, fun, and the sacred national anthem.
We used to buy stacks of kites, as apart from eating, sleeping, home works, lame excuses of headaches and fever… childhood is meant to enjoy and play. And during the month of August, playing meant flying kites. (Though for me, it meant either to carry “Charkhi” or just hold the “maanjha”…but I have always considered it a way of fun that is beyond happiness)
Those were the days and that was the childhood. Even today we have days, weeks, hours…but what we have lost is the innocence of life. The little things that brought grand joy are vanishing and grand developments in technology that is bringing temporary and fake satisfaction at the name of a “joyful life” is advancing.
Should not it be just the reverse…?
There is no one to blame for my non-excitement for this holy day, neither the non respiring buses, nor the thoughtless people. Neither the carefree youngsters, nor my half empty brain. But I just pray and feel pity for the clear sky. I feel pity that there are so less children to run up to the terrace and pay their contributions to make the sky vibrant with a few countable numbers of kites. There is no scope of ‘I-BOW’ competition. I wonder if there is any “fly the kite” app on their smart phones!
Anyways! Back with my eyes at the bus stop, I decided to quickly get into the over-crowded, hanging people bus (yeah! They unbelievably hang at the doors) and run to buy kites (and I hoped, people still sell them). And right now, my colour ful purchase is right in front of my eyes. Time to call friends, and fly some kites (or may be hold the ‘charkhi’) Time to have fun- Outdoors! And enough of reading this for you as well! Go out and happy flying.

3rd year

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JIMS, Lajpat Nagar

Jagannath Gupta Memorial Educational Society is a registered non-profit organization imparting high quality professional education for the past 20 years in NCR-Delhi and Jaipur.

The objective of the society relate to achieving a high rate of economic growth through creating a pool of professionally qualified and skilled managers and entrepreneurs. Students qualified from JIMS have proved their worth in Business and industry. This institution has a legacy of nurturing the best talent among individuals in the diverse areas of Management, Information Technology, Journalism & Mass Communication, Hospitality & Catering, and Fashion & Interior Design. The Institution has been imparting knowledge based academic inputs and overall development of the seekers since 1993 under the aegis of Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial education Society. The institution has a deep rooted alumni network with industry linkages and makes the graduating students multifaceted which helps in fostering the changing demands of the industry and the society at large.

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JIMS ,Lajpat Nagar hosted a Farewell Party for the outgoing batches of the college on the 9th of April’2014 . Gracing the occasion were Prof (Maj.Gen.)M.P.Singh -Director(JIMS,Lajpat Nagar) .
Despite the rising mercury, the student turnover at “Royal Palace hall” –the venue for the “Farewell Party” this year -was high. Dressed in immaculate suits, flowing dresses and elegant sarees, the students walked in all mature and grown -up, ready to shoulder the responsibilities that lay ahead. The title giving ceremony indeed highlighted the fine camaraderie that existed between the juniors and the seniors. The program that began with the hosts extending a warm welcome to the management, faculty members and students continued with seniors receiving cards, flowers and gifts from their beloved juniors. To make it all the more memorable, the students made sure that they danced together with each of their favorite seniors to the high decibel music. The end of the program saw the seniors and the juniors munching on the delectable snacks.

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Farewell 2014




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Guest lecture by Mr.Kuldeep Choudhary

Report of the Guest lecture by Mr.Kuldeep Choudhary :
Organization :India Vidyarthi(An NGO)
Designation Co-Founder
The BBA department organized a guest lecture for the students of Sem-2 and 4 on the 21st of March’2014.The topic chosen for the lecture was leadership and failure.The speaker, while quoting examples and sharing anecdotes, said that it was important in life to learn the principle of bouncing back after a failure. He stressed that a person failed in life only when he decided to quit and not when he did not succeed in an endeavor. He further mentioned that success and failure were two sides of the same coin.

Gurmeet Sodhi





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Kshitij and Star Nite’2014

Having overstayed for over a month, the rains finally bade farewell to Delhi. The 1st of March’2014 appeared almost appointed to accord a warm welcome to the long awaited, glowing rays of the spring time sun. The end to the cold and damp winters indeed called for a celebration and JIMSITES made sure that the party was grand.

The annual cultural spring time bonanza “Kshitij and Star Nite”2014 was held on the 1st of March’2014 at Kathuria Public School ,Vasant Kunj. The day long festivities included an exquisite array of performances both by students of JIMS and those of the colleges and institutes located in Delhi and the NCR region.The Chief Guest for the show , this year,was Mr.Muktesh Chander –Joint Commissioner of Police ,Delhi.

The Mega Inter- college event of the season saw participation from colleges like Deshbandhu, Trinity Institute of professional Studies, Jaipuria Institute of Management,Institute of Home Economics, Pearl Academy of Fashion, University Institute of Law and Management Studies,IMS Design academy, Avvaire educational hub and ofcourse the four campuses of JIMS.

To bring in an element of fairness to the competition, the college organizing committee made sure that there was , as usual, at-least one external judge for each event-
a specialist in the field who would give an unbiased verdict . Each event , was therefore , judged by a panel of three judges: an external judge and two internal judges.
For the Solo Song and Group Dance competition , the external judge was Mr.Siddharth Paul – a choreographer and trainer with Dream and Dance Institute. Ms.Rekha Verma- a fashion merchandiser with M.M.Exports,Faridabad was invited to judge Mr.and Ms.Kshitij and the fashion show.

The roller coaster ride of fun began with the Solo Song contest. The participants ,indeed left no stone unturned in carrying forward with utmost poise and dignity the revered tradition of singing spanning centuries. After a tough competition amongst contestants from 9 different colleges, the 1st prize in the category went to Ankit of Lajpat Nagar campus and the second one to Ashish from Kalkaji.
This was followed by the Group Dance competition for which the theme selection
this time was left open to the participating teams. With 5 minutes as the time limit and 8 members in each group , the participants through their exquisite formations , unique styles and blending of music depicted both the contemporary and the classic trends in dancing. The team to get the first prize was Lajpat Nagar followed by Kalkaji at the second position.
Mr.and Ms.Kshitij contest was the next in line to enthrall the audience. This contest that tested the poise ,confidence , presence of mind and skill of the participants was ,infact a testing ground for the all rounders . The three rounds to be cleared were the introduction,talent and the question-answer. The candidates to be crowned Mr. and Ms.Kshitij’2014 respectively were Vaibhav Anand from Kalkaji and Sushmita from VK-1.The second prize in the category went to Ravin Makhija of V.K.-1 and Zarlasht of Lajpat Nagar.

Fashion Couture – is how the fashion show contest can be best described. The budding fashion designers were here to give the established professionals a run for their money. The first prize in this event was bagged by Instutute of Home economics.The participants through their formations and outfits depicted the dilemma of Panchali-a woman born in a man’s world.The second prize in the category went to Pearl academy of fashion which showcased the traditional wear of Nagaland.

After a long roster of events, it was now time for the Prize Distribution ceremony
and Chief Guest’s address. In his address Mr.Muktesh Chander –Joint Commissioner of Police ,Delhi, congratulated the students for their performances and urged them to remain focused in life for the achievement of career goals. He also stressed the importance of hard work in life for attainment of success.

This was, however, not the end of the rocking day.There was more to come. While the participants kept the audience engaged with their filler performances, the stage was being set for the grand finale to the mega event. . Yes, it was the Celebrity Singer”Shibani Kashyap” –the bollywood heartthrob –preparing to the set the stage on fire. Beginning with her most popular numbers Sajna-dil nahin lagda, Mohabbat ho gayi and Zinda , she went on to sing a series of foot tapping numbers that made the students and faculty members alike rise from their seats and dance like never before.
All in all the students enjoyed every moment of the fest.

The show that turned out to be a huge hit was sponsored by MTS, Oodles residency ,Oriflame ,Balaji metals ,,Mangla’s emporium, Navjeevan enterprises,S.K.M Jewellers,Sikri Electric, Entourage Club.The print partner for the event was Dainik Jagran.

Participating teams : Solo Song:

1. University Institute of law and Management Studies
2. Jamia Hamdard
3. Avviare
4. Jaipuria Institute
5. IMS
7. JIMS –Lajpat Nagar
8. JIMS-G. Noida
9. JIMS-Kalkaji

Participating teams :Group Dance
1.Avviare Educational Hub
4.JIMS-Lajpat Nagar

Participating teams: Mr. and Ms.Kshitij
2. JIMS-Kalkaji
3. JIMS-Lajpat Nagar
4. Deshbandhu College

Participating teams :Fashion Show

1. IMS
2. Avviare Educational Hub
3. Trinity college
5. JIMS-Lajpat Nagar
6. JIMS-Kalkaji
7. Jaipuria Institute
8. Institute of Home Economics
9. Pearl Academy

Prize Distribution:

Solo Song :

1st prize
Ankit-Lajpat Nagar
2nd Prize
Ashish –Kalkaji

Group Dance :
1st Prize
Lajpat Nagar
2nd Prize

Mr. and Ms.Kshitij
1st prize :

Vaibhav Anand –Kalkaji
Sushmita-Vasant Kunj

2nd Prize:

Ravin Makhija: Vasant Kunj
Zarlasht : Lajpat Nagar

Fashion Show:

1st Prize:
Institute of Home Economics
2nd Prize
Pearl Academy
Kshitij & Pop Star Night (1)

Kshitij & Pop Star Night

Kshitij & Pop Star Night (2)

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Interior Designing Exhibition by JIMS, Lajpat Nagar

Designing is a Multi-Segment process, keeping in mind the purpose, intention and content of creating something new. Any creative art or thought requires a fearless mind, a mind that is free of past baggage of failure or success. Every exercise of design should be a fresh approach that has the courage to stand by its own true conviction. Passion Backed with creative abilities, will help you generate designs that eliminate disorder, enhance functionality and beautify a space or an object. A Designer should be willing to experiment with various resources to simplify complexities and magnify the Diversities of Colour, Texture and form. Keeping all these in mind the budding designers of Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences (Lajpat Nagar) organized an Annual Interior Design Exhibition “Design Santushti” in the heart of South Delhi at “Dilli Haat” INA, New Delhi on 22nd and 23rd February 2014.
The AIM of this exhibition was to provide a platform to young budding designers to express their creative and innovative ideas. The exercise of designing and executing the products is an overall experience in itself – Students get to understand the materials and techniques of construction at professional level. It is a journey of concept to realization and hard work turning into certanity.
The exhibition show cased various Designs of Decorative Mirrors, Glass Paintings and Painted Ceramic Plates. On the other hand it displayed various innovative concepts and designs used in making furniture. The Budding Designers used Paint Buckets and Oil Tins to make impressive and colourful kids furniture. They even converted Oil Drum into a Two Seater Outdoor Seat Touch of nature with use of Bamboo for making Designer Chair added warmth to the display. A section of lounge seating created a unique impact with Lamps made out of waste bottles & plumbing pipes. The overall display of the whole exhibition was impressive and will give a new dimension to the professional outlook.

ID Exhibition (1)

ID Exhibition

ID Exhibition (2)

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Guest Lecture -18th February 2014

Mr.Faizan is working with NDTV Red Dot as a Senior Producer. He delivered the guest lecture which was held on 18th February (10.00 am -11.30 am) for BMC II and IV semester students on TV programme production and screenplay writing. TV programme production and screenplay writing is a core of media programme production. BMC students of JIMS Lajpat Nagar thoroughly gained and learned the practical know how of TV programme production and the practiced the screenplay writing.

BMC Guest LT

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Persistence Resistance 2014 film festival is an organised, extended presentation of films in a single locality at India International Centre, Lodhi road, New Delhi .On 17th February 2014, BMC students of JIMS Lajpat Nagar with faculty attended the Persistence Resistance Film Festival .

Films like, INWOKING JUSTICE, KYA HUA IS SHAHAR KO SOMETHING LIKE A WAR stimulated the students a lot. It was a noteworthy experience and exposer for all BMC II and IVth semester students. Apart from technical knowledge these films are an excellent resource for the study of international development and aid, population control, reproductive rights, health and women. Students gained the essential aspects of filmmaking, which was sensitise participants to the potential of the documentary film.

Film Fest

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