Interior design: As profession

Ms Swati Parvatiyar HOD, Department of Interior Design

Interior design is a multifaceted profession.  It has the following constituents:

1) Conceptual development

2) Space planning

3) Site inspections

4) Programming & Research

5) Communicating with the stakeholders of a project

6) Construction management

7) Execution of the design

You find designing requires hard work — right from putting down your plans on paper, drawing and writings to doing research on space utilization and working on the specifics. 

Interior design is a good career option and quite a lucrative profession. 

There is a huge demand for interior designers and the demand will remain there in future too. Everybody needs interior designers. Both shrinking space as well as surplus space require their optimum utilization aesthetically as well as with upgraded facilities. The human tendency to remain trendy also creates a need for interior designers. There is a growing tendency nowadays to hire professionals for better results and that is another reason that more and more upwardly mobile middle class segment of society too are looking for interior design professionals to help enhance their living standard with their expertise.

Besides, now a days nobody has that much of time even to spend on their interior work and the feel it is better to leave it to an expert professional. 

So how to make the best use of this opportunity and be a successful interior designer? Hard work does always pay but you must also be smart enough to understand what your clients exactly want. You must be able to understand your client’s requirements. At the same time you must have the ability to offer your client wider options. Another important factor will be your creative sense. You must be well versed in various aspects of design. You must be aware of the trend. Product knowledge too is key to your success. Some business acumen including your ability to bargain, and to convince your clients, do help in a big way.

You should also know the right sources for your materials and also should learn to get things done from the sources and you should also know how to get thing done through workers.

Is interior designer paid well?

Fresher’s can earn up to 5,000 to 10,000 in starting. Assistant interior designers may get between Rs. 30,000 to Rs.40, 000 per month according to their experience and quality of the work. For senior interior designers, the salary, including bonuses and commission is approximately Rs. 800,000 to Rs. 3,000,000 per annum.  However, many interior designers and decorators are self-employed, and charge their clients in a variety of ways. Some charge a flat fee for a project, while others are paid by the hour or even by the square foot. Others charge clients based on the total cost of the materials used plus a certain percentage.

There are many things that can inspire you to become an interior designer. One such inspiration could be drawn by looking at photos of interiors in magazines. If you enjoy changing your home environments, you have an artistic eye, good at drawings and enjoy taking creative subjects at school, then you do have a knack for becoming an interior designer. But don’t worry if you didn’t take arts subjects in your school because you can still make it as a designer.

Remember design skills can be taught so there is not much to worry about. What really counts is your aptitude.

Design is all about being curious and being able to identify and solve problems in a creative way! When you think of design, then think creatively, rigorously and laterally. Once in the job, you feel rewarded when your work is appreciated and that indeed opens up new windows of opportunities as you start getting newer projects. As you work diligently, you literally experience how designs can change lives. 

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