Excessive Use of Mobile Phones is injurious to health

Mr Umesh Gupta, Assistant Professor, BCA

There are so many wireless devices which are used to transfer the information from one place to another place. All these devices use radio waves to creating a link between two communicating devices. The wireless equipment use technology based on IEEE 802.11 

The mobile phones emits radiation of the frequency range from 3 KHz to 300 kHz. These radiation are also effect the life of birds. With rapid growth of mobile phone users, the technology developed an alarming situation for normal functioning of biological system of human body and as a result lead to serious diseases like cancers, brain tumor, and sleep disruption.

These wireless devices are more dangerous for children because they have thinner neural system and skin. The mobile phones also communicate by utilizing the radio waves which are more hazardous and cannot protect the human physical structure.

Currently, mobiles phones users are being increased day by day. These mobile phone emits harmful radiation and effect the human health after penetrating in human body.

Following are the main diseases which are generally caused by excessive use of mobile phones-

  1. Ear Hearing: Hearing problem usually develops according to the age and it can occur due to the loud disturbance. One of the cause of hearing loss is listening to the music with high volume. There may be road accident chances increase due to use of headphones during driving or walking. The classification of hearing loss can be sensory, conductive, neural, mixed hearing loss. The hearing loss may be one-sided (single spike) or may be bilateral (both ears).

Sensory: This is the type of loss range from minor to deep that affects the frequencies than others.

• Conduct: Conductive loss of hearing is caused by disease or barrier in the center or outer ear that often disturb all the hearing frequencies.

• Neural: This type of hearing loss is caused due to the damage of central nervous system.

  •   Male infertility: The infertility is a wider problem in the world due to different causes. The male infertility problem creates the sperm production (sperm production in low number) or the transfer process of sperm. The infertility problems are sperm motility, sperm count, functions of sperm, abnormality of sperms, to stop delivery of sperm. The causal agent of male infertility is because of testicular impairment resulting in the testicles not producing the sperm cells, the infertility of man includes the imbalance of hormone, behavioural problem and psychological troubles. The negative impacts on male fertility are smoking, use of drugs, alcohol abuse, tight underwear, radiation exposure, pesticides, paint, lead, and radioactive
  • Brain tumor: It is a mass of tissue which is abnormal and in this condition the body cells die and replaced by the cells and other tumors. The abnormal cells grow and they produce a flock which is named as the main neoplasm. These come out of the several cells, which constitute the brain, CNS (Central Nervous System). There are several cases of brain tumors such as astrocytic and the gliomas tumors.

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