Be an Entrepreneur

Rajesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Hotel Management

In the fast growing economy tourism play a vital role, the development of the tourism industry and increase in tourism demand, a tremendous potential has emerged for starting new and small scale enterprises in many areas. Some   among you might at some stage intend to start your own enterprise. It is a common practice in hospitality and tourism that people working in various capacities, after gaining some experience, very often start their own business.

         The JIMS Vasant Kunj-II is one of the pioneer College in India who provide such a designed tourism courses which provided skills to youth which help them to get job in tourism but may also like to their own small enterprise. This is not to say that small enterprises do not exist in tourism, rather tourism is an industry where the majority players belong to the small scale sector. Many new vertical of tourism have emerged and these provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs at various destinations to start their business. If you are interested in pursuing a career in event management plenty of opportunities exist. Find the best path to pursue your particular field of event planning; the out- door catering is one of the most important parts of it. Some facilities go beyond the tradition on premise meal functions and offer off –premise options or out- door catering (ODC).however very few facilities offer this services. The typical restaurant clubs, conference center or hotel is generally unable to perform this service adequately

         After successful completing their course students have good options apart from job to open their own small food courts, Travel and tourism business, booking of tourist packages and tickets counters for various catering services. The government of India provides a loan facility to young skill youth to start their own business by the Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank (or MUDRA Bank).  

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