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Texting is necessary for social survival

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending electronic messages between two or more mobile phones, or fixed or portable devices over a phone network. The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS). It has grown to include multimedia messages (known as MMS) containing images, videos, and sound content, as well as ideograms known as emoji. The service itself has different colloquialisms depending on the region. It may simply be referred to as a text in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, an SMS in most of mainland Europe, or an MMS or SMS in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The sender of a text message is commonly referred to as a texter.

Once there was a time when people  communicated or send message through letter, telegraph, sender sends message and receiver receives the message this whole process takes a lot of time but in today’s  world it could be done in just fraction seconds. Everybody is capable of sending message and receiving massage  as well. Texting message is the need of human race for transferring information, NEWS, ideas and thought from person to person or one person to masses .

texting is necessary for communication , in ancient time people communicate through picture, painting etc they used to write scripture . as the technology grows the method of texting or passing of information has also changed . if you read a book or newspaper is also a type of passing of an information  to masses .

But technology has bound us together by giving us these social networking sites. Internet builds the bridge between the countries, now one can get knowledge about other country, community, culture. The distance between people is compress by the social networking sites

Facebook , twitter , instagram, whatsapp ,linkedin etc  all these site gives the platform to transfer your knowledge, ideas, thoughts to your friends and to the whole world.

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BMC VIth Semester

Cynet 2016

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Cynet 2016 ,an IT fest held in JIMS Vasant Kunj on 17th March 2016

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PRISM 2016

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Prism 2016′ a film and photography festival held in JIMS Kalkaji on 12th March 2016. The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp. Followed by which were speeches by various known faces of education and film making fraternity like Mr. Ravi Dhar, Director of JIMS, Vasant Kunj; Mr. Pankaj Saxena, Alumni of FTII, Pune; Mr. Abidi from Cultural Center of Iran; Mr. Sachin Sharma a known photo journalist.

The programme proceeded by showcasing documentaries and short films from various colleges across India. The content of the films ranged from big issues like in the film on environmental degradation due to careless disposal of garbage which won the ‘Best Short Film’ award, to sensitive issues like LGBT. Different film makers had different way of conveying their stories. Few were silent films, others were with background narration and other few were satirical works. But there were few films which had strikingly offbeat content. For example the short film ‘Chaii’ which forced us to think and look at our daily life from a different perspective. This film had a poem being recited as background narration while the visuals of daily scenes of roadside tea stalls were shown. The gist of the film was how our life revolves around a beverage- chaii or tea.

The guests and jury then proceeded towards the display board to judge the photography competition. After the break few more short films were shown. Most of them were fictional stories. And then Ad Films were shown in which the best was ‘Thumbs Up’ ad which also won the ‘Best Ad Film’ award. The event concluded with the Prize Distribution ceremony and Vote of thanks by Dr. Neeru Johri, Head of Department, Mass Communication.

Rakshit Nair

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BMC II Semester

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Alumni Sports meet

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Alumni Sports meet ,2016

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Scaling New Heights

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


Scaling New Heights

Amit sir article





God’s blessing was my grandfather

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Dadu is a a person who is very close to us. Everybody is literally attached to their grandparents. To be very honest I’m not that much attached with my other family members, I’m more attached to my dadu. The relation between me and my dadu was not like grandfather and granddaughter. He was like my father, after my father the was one who took care of me. He was always been there for me. I could share my thoughts with him, he always guided me the right path. I feel too blessed to have that person to whom I can speak out my heart, sometimes I fought with him and he knows I like jabeli so whenever I got angry with him, my dadu used to bought jalebi for me so that my mood gets okay. The best person I have got in my life is my dada. I’m the first child who will be graduate from my family, dadu was very happy that I’m doing well. I wanted him to join my convocation so that he gets a chance to see dreams becoming true. He was proud on me. The best compliment I always get is “ki ye to apne dada per gyi hai”.
My dadu was very polite and calm in nature. He fulfilled my wishes, wants everything. I used to tell my dadu that I like thus stuff and he used to told me “bibi tune mere khoon pee rakhe hai” and within minutes he bought that stuff for me. I love my dada more than any other person, I’ll make him proud always


By Shikha Singh BMC VI Semester

“Entertainment’s definition has been reduced to making people happy”

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

“Entertainment’s definition has been reduced to making people happy”— Anurag Kashyap


‘Entertainment’ by the dictionary definition means an activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement or relaxation to an audience no matter  whether the audience participates passively as in watching an opera or a movie, or actively as in games.


By this statement Anurag Kashyap is trying to convey that entertainment today i.e. movies, reality shows, television series all are mostly aimed at entertaining devoid of cognition. There’s a saying which goes, “Delivering messages to people is the job of postmen, not entertainers.” And most of the filmmakers, actors and producers believe in that. Speaking of Indian films, Shah Rukh Khan has said, “In India we have big families. Everyone, from a grandmother to a granddaughter go to watch a movie together. The grandmother says, ‘I want to see something spiritual’, so we add spirituality; the girl in the family says, ‘I want to see a cool guy with dimples, dancing’, so we put the cool guy. So basically we try and meet people’s demands as and when they arise”. He also said,”A movie goer in India says,’I’m paying to sit here for two and a half to three hours, during which I don’t want to think about the marks I got, the stocks & shares or about ant other problems in life. I want to be happy'”


Nowadays few of the films in which Shah Rukh Khan has acted such as ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Dilwale’ have aimed at doing the same. And for that matter many more movies like ‘Welcome Back’, ‘Tevar’, ‘Dolly ki Doli’ etc. have succeeded in doing what they’d set out to do- entertain.Their fat box office collections is a proof that they have audience for the content they portray. And the reason why there’s a good proportion of population is because in India, Cinema is the only escapist route for people. In India we don’t have things like skiing and car racing for recreation. So primarily Cinema and Television are the only sources from which Indians have fun. And in India, films are more of celebration life. We have variety of films comprising all kinds of emotions which the script allows.


With that being said, we need to pay attention to something that we never pay attention to or something that remains obscured from us: The Bigger Picture. We see that the majority of the audience is driven to variety films and commercialized just-for-entertainment film and jump to conclusion that this stuff sells. But if we try and find out about the minority, many revelations surface. Indians today are open to Hollywood films and TV series of other countries, Not just the fact that they’ve become accessible but also that they’ve become accepted whole-heartedly. People appreciate the character-driven storytelling of Hollywood films.


Hollywood films, unlike Bollywood, don’t have a wide array of emotions packed into them, instead they tend to isolate emotions and thestory revolves around just a few characters. And each genre of films have a thick audience for them in their countries, and in India too slowly but gradually this change is manifesting.

Another revelation is that Indian entertainment is 40-50 years behind Hollywood in terms of technology. So it’s high time that we invest in the technical part of the production of films and television series to give our audience an exhilarating experience. And if not we’ll soon lose out our audience to foreign content.


Even though India produces the most number of films, we’re less than 1% in the world as far as economics go. So it’s high time that we pay attention to the flaws in our content and try and improve it.

By Rakshit Nair BMC II Semester

Labour is superior to capital and deserves the higher consideration

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


A new day , a fresh morning and as scheduled everybody got ready for their work. On the Linkin Street sharp at 9:00 am the cobblers were to set their equipments and were ready for their job. There were four cobblers who were the best of friends. All of them knew their job and were simply perfect in it. Every morning they used to meet at Linkin tea shop had tea together and went for their work. They knew that all of them did the same work at the same place but still there was no competition between them. Only one difference between the four cobblers was that they all worked for different purposes. The first cobbler worked for his son’s education. The second cobbler worked for his family. The third one worked for his mother’s ailment and the fourth cobbler worked for his living.


As four of them were pretty much famous they had their four regular customers who would come sharp at 9:40 am get their shoes polished and gave the cobblers their money.

One day one cobbler fell sick and died. For the rest five days the 3 cobblers didn’t come for their work. Their customers used to come daily at that place wait for 2 minutes and then leave. After couple of days the cobblers came back for their work. When their customers came they noticed that one of the cobbler was missing. The customer of the cobbler who died asked the other one about him and he told that due to his severe illness he died. The customer with immense sadness left from there without even getting his shoes polished. Next morning , that customer waited for his turn as there were only three cobblers now. That moment he realised that every work has its own worth and importance. The absence of the cobbler made him realise that he was dependent on him.


“Labour is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labour and could have never existed if labour had not first existed.

Labour is superior to capital and deserves the higher consideration” a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln truly justifies the story.

By Prarthana Grover BMC II Semester

One Image -Different Perspectives

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


“Kumud, Where is my tea, yar? Newspaper had arrived but it seemed like my wife was running late on her schedule. So, I ran a glance at the newspaper and like daily, the front page was filled with murder, rape, extortion cases. But a news story on the very left side column drew my attention. It was about a report on drug mafia spreading their wings among youth and mostly teenagers. Suddenly, something struck my mind and kept me in a pause for minutes.

“Here is your tea dear”, Kumud said. And at that moment, I realised she was standing there holding a cup of tea with saucer for around 5 minutes. She was giving me a very weird look. Without saying anything further, I took the cup and began to read that story because you can’t make your wife to wait. It reminded me of something, no, it reminded me of someone. It was Zoya, a teenage girl who I met around 15 years ago for the very first time. I was in the college those days and earning some extra cash was a kind of priority. So, I joined an NGO named Pravah with my friend’s reference. Although, the pay was less but it covered my bills. I still remember how enthusiastic I was when a task was given, like I am going to finish it before anyone even attempts. As a result, I was shortlisted for an organisational tour to Udaipur to work for under- privileged children. Our team reached their in the blooming morning at around 6:00 a.m. So, I went straight to my bed to get some sleep.

After around few hours, I saw a little girl nigging around in search of something. I was looking at her actions with weird eyes and she didn’t even realised that I was watching her. After searching for long, she took a half used cigarette lying under the bed as a consolidation prize. I later asked the maid about that little girl with light brown hairs. And by her expressions, It did’nt took me long to realise that I had hit her nerve. She started criticising her in a very crude manner. “Saaheb, she is a cunning thief. She stole my chintu’s new pair of sandal the other day, don’t let her into the house’’, she adviced. But it was not possible to keep away those children from sneaking as we were living in their area and the other thought was that, What harm these children will do? Every morning, I, along with my colleagues went to nearby areas to teach those children. Within few days, faces had become familiar. But, every day I was looking for that little girl who used to peep from outside but never came to attend a single class. One day, I asked my student Gaurav that what the matter with that girl was. He first hesitated and then opened up. “Sir, she is Zoya who lives nearby. She is a rag picker and is not interested in studying”, he said. “Does she have parents”, I asked and he replied negatively. I sent him but the thought was again and again hitting me. What was the use of our initiative if everyone is not benefitted, I asked myself again and again.

The very next morning, I took a break from my regular schedule and went in search of Zoya. I was fully determined to convince her to attend the classes. My search mission was completed when I found her near a local tea stall watching Tom and Jerry. She did’nt even understood the characters but was fully enjoying the show. So, I sat at a bench on tea stall and ordered two cups of tea. “Hi Gudiya, What is your name?” I asked. She gave me a look like I was one of those guys from Child kidnapping mafia. She started drifting slowly but I stopped her. “Listen, I see you every day around the class peeping but you never come inside. What is the matter?’’ I asked. She took a moment of silence and replied that what was the use of studying. I suddenly replied with all the definitions on education and various head looming quotes. But, the next moment, realised that it was flying away from her head.

‘’How much do you make daily in this rag picking’’, I asked.

“80-100 Rupees”, She replied. “Education won’t provide me with two time meal daily but my work will”, she further added.

“But what if you get paid for studying just for 1-2 hours daily instead of working the whole day”, I asked confidently.

There was a spark in her eyes and I trusted my instinct that this investment would not go in vain. From the next day, I started to teach her step by step. She was a bright learner, so it did’nt caused me much trouble. Days passed and she did’nt realise that she had learnt well enough to pass a class 8 exam. One day, after a lecture, when I put my right hand in my wallet to take out the money, she stopped me. Her eyes were wet and it took me less than a minute to know that my hard work on her paid me well.” No Sir, I can’t take money from you, you have already done more than enough for me’’, she said after taking a pause. “I lost my parents at a very early age, so there was no one was to tell me the difference between right and wrong. I, along with other children started to work as a rag picker at a small age. Sir, this is also true that I adopted some unhealthy habits like smoking”, she added.

Zoya had learnt her lesson very well. So, it was of no use to teach her further. The very next day, she took admission in a government school and took her studies seriously. By the time, our visit had also came to an end. We were at the railway station, taking the greetings of people but my eyes were looking for someone else.” Choo choo”, the train had started but there was no sign of Zoya. Suddenly, I saw a little girl dressed in Blue and Khakhi wearing a red hair band holding her shiny hairs waving both her hands to say goodbye. I also waved at her with a goodbye.


Years have passed, but it still gives me a fresh feeling whenever I sit and think about it. Now, Zoya has started her own organisation to help children sharing the same past as her to make a difference to their life.

“Are you not willing to go to office today” Kumud shouted from kitchen. I ran my eyes on the clock and it was showing half past nine and that meant I was running late for my office. I ran to get ready but still having a smile thinking about those moments.

By Yaman BMC II Semester

“You smoke almost two packets a day!”. “Swag bro… “, replied the teenager. Thirty years later, ‘swag’ forced another teenager to choose between her education and her father’s chemotherapy.

One compromise which made her quit. Years of puffs swallowed. Years of snoke rings blown out. Years of memories faded away in the smoke of her final fag. Years of problems, issues, dilemmas which she suspected to be sort by the suck at the butt were all crushed under her feet as she stepped on her last cigarette. Her suspicion was right. Even the last one she stepped on didn’t let her down. She then stepped on the pedal, hands on the steering which steered in the direction of her first love-her dad. The man who taught her her first words, her first step, her first meaningful scribble on the paper. Her education, though vital, though her father’s dream, was on any day at a lower spot in the list of priorities.

She reached the doctor with the money only to find that it was too late. The doctor said, “He split his wealth equally between you and your younger brother…for his education and your marriage.” Sadly this time her suspicion was wrong. Sadness made her subtract ₹12 from her part. Like the fire at the end of her cigarette, burned the pyre her father laid upon. Ashes at both ends met once again.

By Rakshit Nair BMC II Semester


Dakota, a 15-year-old, is a free spirit with a nature of exploring things and living her life to the fullest. She was living at her uncle’s place after her parent’s death. They used to treat her very badly and made her do all the household chores. One day, she left their house. In a park, a lot of poor children were playing. She went there and asked them if she could join. Days passed, the girl was happy with her new life but was unaware that her new habits might affect her health. Slowly, she became a chain-smoker. She was sitting in the very same park one day, weak and pale, when an old man came and sat next to her. He asked her if she is okay and in a couple of minutes she told him everything. The old man replied, “Remember the day when you left your uncle’s house. It’s very simple, if you’ve decided to quit smoking, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from doing so.” The old man took her to an NGO and she started a new life all over again but this time in a right way.

By Namrata Mukherjee BMC II Semester


The story is about a girl named Aana “12” . one day when she was coming from school, 2 strangers who use to kidnap children to bring money by begging on road came and enforcemently took aana to a ruined place and threw her in a dark room. Aana was frightened and countinously shouting to let her go home. 

Day passes, now Aana adjust herself in that environment and started doing all that stuff which they want her to do. Aana was not able to bring much money by begging, so they stop giving food to her. 

   Hungry Aana from last 2 days saw one of them stranger was smoking, kept 2 cigarette on the table and forgot to pick them and when out. Aana thought that may these cigarettes will fulfill her stomach. She pick a cigarette and light it with a match stick and start smoking this was not decreasing her hunger but she was satisfied with it and ones it get finished, she lightened another one….

And that is how Aana got addicted towards cigarette. 

By Monika Singh BMC II Semester

A daddy’s princess became World’s Witch

This story is about a girl(Lennox)  who lives in Yorkshire, England. She was a daughter of the one of the richest man in Yorkshire. One day they drive to Essex for vacation .When they were on their way back to Yorkshire there was a car chasing them . Anyhow they managed to stop their car and bullied them to come out of the car, they had gun in their hand. Her family was so scared that they thought it was their last day and YES they were right. They shot her mom and dad, she didn’t believed what she saw. It was a nightmare just like a day dream.

She was struggling every minute of her life thinking what will she do next. Sorry I didn’t mentioned that she had a cruel brother(step brother) which got all the property of her dad after they died, and he showed his brutality as he kicked Lennox out of the house. She left with no one as a result she started to live on the streets and tried hard to make her living better.

She get into taboo things like smoke weed, drugs, and alcohol and even inspired  other to do the same. She became a notorious person . ” It is started with me but it’s going to end with you”. She even turned into a criminal a started killing people whom she hate . A daddy’s princess became Worlds Witch who always make her way and sings bad girls ruined well. She had become a  girl whose main objective was to destroy her brother. People avoid talking to her as she was Psychopath and when she grew older she became rich in crime. She got a line for herself ” a friend with weed is a friend indeed” as she believes in what goes around comes around.

By Samarth BMC II Semester


One Image- Different stories

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016



A girl with big dream and hopes in her life living a life where she was not acceptable by her own family. She was born to a family where girl was not acceptable she became an unwanted child and a reason of her mom for divorce. Her childhood became worst and worst with the tag of unwanted child. She grow up with some secrets which her family hide from her. She has a dream to live happy forever all what she need in her life was to be loved by their own family . she started hiding herself from the situation she became a girl which never wanted too be. A girl who have dreams in her life is now left with her family issues which she was trying to solve out all she wanted to just remove a tag of unwanted child to her father her life has one aim just to meet her father and asked what mistake I did that you gave me worst childhood and make my life hell just because of you I don’t have an identity of whom daughter I am. She has million of question in her mind but no one was their to answer it. She show herself as a happy and strong to everyone but their was something killing her inside always .Rather than trying to cope up with situations she took a step of ending her life and she died .

By Ashi BMC II Semester


This is a story about a girl named vaanika ,who was a very fun loving and a girl of a jolly nature, she was very happy with her life, she had everything with her that she wanted. She was the only child of her parents, therefore she was a much pampered kid. She loved her parents a lot and her father the most. Everything was going fine but then suddenly her life took a rollercoaster change and her happy days vanished. Her father died in an accident ,and within 30 minutes everything changed. she was in shock ,she couldn’t believe her eyes, but then she saw her mother crying and calling her ,she came back to her senses and hugged her mom ,and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry mom your daughter is still alive ,I am with you always”. Vaanika didn’t loose her strength and she told to herself “I need to stay strong for my mother ,I need to live for her ,for her happiness’. After a couple of days ,vaanika’s mother was again crying ,but the girl stayed strong ,she went to her mother and said “Don’t worry mumma ,anything you lose comes round in other form’’ you will loose someone you cant live without and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that youllnever completely get over the loss of your beloved ,but this also a good news . they live forever in your broken heart that doesnt seal back up and then you come through. In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and take your grief and make it my own. After listening to vaanika her mother hugged her and smiled . With time, their sorrow was healing , and their life went back to normal routine. Days passed , weeks passed ,months passed ,vaanika tried to manage things ,her dads business ,her studies and the most important her mother ,she never cried in front of anyone ,specially in front of her mother, she behaved in a manner as if she was very strong and bold but inside she was still a small kid ,who missed her father every single second ,but she managed to fake a smile on her face everytime in front of everyone. But her destiny was not fair with her,afer a year ,vaanika fell ill,she went to the doctor ,undergone some medical test , and again she was broken. She was diagnosed with a fatal disease and that too it was diagnosed at the last stage. She out of the hospital and she started to walk alone on the road holding her reports in one hand. She sat on a bench on the side of the road and within seconds she bursted out ,she cried aloud . She had only one thing in her mind her mother, she just thought about her mom ,how will she survive without me ,what will she do now, her hands trembled to inform her about her disease. She just kept sitting over there with head down, crying loudly thinking about her mother and missing her father a lot.

By Nikita Bhandari BMC II Semester