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Industrial visit in INDIA NEWS

Friday, February 19th, 2016

JIMS lajpat Nagar organized an industrial visit to the regional office of India News on 17th February 2016 for BMC students. India News is a 24hour news channel in India It is owned and operated by ITV network. The visit was very informative and interesting. It was an eye opener for the students .The students gained knowledge about how the news channel provides us with the bulletins through TV.

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बेटी की पुकार

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

मुझे जीने दो
मुझे खिलने दो
मुझे चमकने दो ‘
खुबसूरत चाँद की तरह !

मुझे आकर देखने दो ,
इस दुनिया को ,
मुझे उड़ने दो,
खुबसूरत पंछियों की तरह !

ऐ मतलबी ,
इतना भी ना हो क्रूर ,
मत करो मुझको ,
अपनों से दूर !

मेरी मृत्यु के पाप से ,
तुम्हारे हाँथ होंगे मैले ,
ना छीनो मेरी हंसी ,
मुस्कुराने से पहले !

मोनिका सिंह

BMC II Semester


The Recruitment Blues

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

First of all i entered the room and greeted the HR panel of “CAP company ” they replied back with friendly “Good Afternoon”, i was a bit nervous by then, they asked me to have a seat, my nervousness was all over my face. They asked me if I was here for D.O.P. (Director Of Photography), I replied with a firm “Yes”, as photography is my passion and i want to grow with it as my profession.

They asked me what kind of photography I did in the past, I replied with wedding photography, event photography, product photography etc and handed over my portfolio to the officials, i must say they were impressed seeing my passion for photography, one of the panel member even said your photos are good and are of different genres which is good and I smiled at him with gratitude.

After all this he asked me which camera/cameras were used to shoot the photos in the portfolio i replied with canon 5d and canon 6d, by the time I was able to see the  curiosity on their face to ask me more questions, and they did so HAHA ! They showed me a picture on laptop and asked me to identify the emotions which i can see in the picture and like this they showed me another picture and i was able to identify the basic emotional elements and then the main part was that they asked me to join both the photos and create a story out of it and I did it very well.

At last they asked a twisted question that “why SHOULDN’T we hire you?” I was like “why should not?” And then i replied because i’m a bit lazy and he laughed and asked lazy as in timing lazy or lazy like couch potato type lazy, I said lazy in timings, which I made them understand is of no issue and they agreed.

At the end we greeted each other and i walked out of the room and while walking out, in my mind it was like, it was way much better than i thought and I did well.


Written by Sidhartha Roy ,BMC IVth Semester

Industrial Visit ,BCA Department

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Industrial visit for BCA students was held on 12 feb 2016 in a software development company C# noida.
During the industrial visits students got a chance to see the actual working of an IT industry. The students also got a chance to see and understand the working of Google Drove and google glass. It was a learning experience for the students C# company has many projects done and to be done in th3 latest techniques available in the market now-a-days

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BCA Guest lecture on Oracle

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Guest lecture on Oracle was conducted by Miss varsha on 11th feb 2016 for BCA students. In this guest lecturer students were made aware of the latest techniques of handling back end part of any software. The latest techniques of back end available in the market were a part of the guest lecture.  Miss varsha also laid stress on the  qualities and skills required by the students to enter into an IT industry.IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6288 IMG_6302 IMG_6303 IMG_6304

Complete Incomplete.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016


Handicapped people are physically or mentally disabled people. Disabled person is the one who is not able to perform the major physical or mental functions of life. In our society there are many handicapped, disabled or physically challenged people. Some of them are physically born-handicapped and some others are mentally retarted .  They can achieve great success if they are given enough opportunity.

The documentary  was all about physically disabled people. It talked about their desires. It showed that these people also have dreams feelings and each and every emotion normal humans have. These disabled people can also feel the warmth of love and they also want to get married and start their family.

ACCSEX showed 4 disabled women who lived and worked in Delhi and discussed about their lives. The opening shot was of a women who had polio in her left leg was riding her scooty and going somewhere. Despite of her polio she worked in Apeejay school in the admin. Dept. In her interview she said that her scooty is her best friend. The woman was married and had two daughters. She was happy with her life.

Another was a blind couple. They met each other in their college, fell in love and finally got married. The blind woman named saloni worked in a call center. They proved that being blind doesn’t mean that one cannot live his/her life ahead. The shots were taken in a way that the ambience of the place where she worked and the places where she went were demonstrated beautifully.

Then came the story of a graphic designer. She was very pretty but unfortunately she was born deaf. In her childhood her teachers thought that she tried to fool them, but later in her medical reports it was cleared. In her interview she said that at first everyone finds her attractive but as soon as they get to know that she is deaf their point of view change regarding her. She had a number of friends and she lived her life very happily.

There was one more lady who suffered from spinal surgery and she had polio too. She had to stay in her wheelchair for 24 hours. She was a well-educated woman and took tuitions at her residence. She was double MA in English and psychology but from distance learning due to her disability. In her interview she said that she doesn’t want any sympathy from any one she just wants love and equal regards and status that every normal human receives.

The documentary also showed many illustrations regarding women problems. Their menstrual cycles, and their mothers not giving them full information regarding it and Their sexual wishes.

All of them had difficulties still they managed to live their lives happily and without any grudges. These people do not want any sort of sympathies from anyone but instead they want equality and love from the society.



The hour long documentary depicts the lives of the three individuals and one couple who are ‘differently-abled’. Yes ‘differently-abled’ is the word, unlike the word “disabled” that we commonly use. The documentary tries and achieves in conveying the same.

The opening shot shows a woman struck with polio riding her scooty through a crowded locality. This shot depicts how easily she fits into the so called normal world and at the same time quite paradoxically portrays her freedom despite her restrictive handicap. This is followed by her over-the-shoulder shot with her reflection seen on the rear-view mirror. In this shot she tells about her past. Then she moves to a park where she tells us about how she coped up and moved on and also about her daily routine. This is captured in a mid-close-up shot with her scooty in the backdrop which goes to show how important that vehicle has been in her daily life. This is followed by a visit to her office where she is seen working and an extreme close up shot captures her fingers running over the keyboard. The next individual shown in the documentary is a woman who had a spinal injury which paralyzed her body below the waist. Due to her immobility, most of her shots were mid shots and close-ups emphasizing her expressions and gestures. The third individual shown in the documentary is a beautiful girl who’s a graphic designer but is unfortunately deaf. She tells us about her daily life and also about the various stereotypes in the world like how people have a materialistic view of the women like how she’s seen as an attractive girl but once people get to know about her disability, they detest from accepting her. She also tells how she communicates via reading the lips of people. Multiple shots are used to capture her. From mid close ups to close ups to mid shots. Next in the documentary is the introduction of a blind couple. Most of their shots have been outdoor shots with background voiceovers by the woman who narrates the story of their union. Other than this a combination of close ups and mid close ups are used when she narrates her own life story.

The documentary is aims to show that differently abled people also have desires like having sex, getting into relationships and making love. Periodically illustrations with background voiceovers are played to convey anecdotes.

In the documentary the individuals also tell about how they are seen either as the weaker section of the society and receive sympathy for it or as special people and gain extra respect for it-both they hate. They just want to be seen as equal to rest of the society and be accepted for the way they are rather than being seen as ‘disabled’ or ‘specially-abled’. Towards the end the documentary shows a reconstructed shoot using storm fans showcasing a very positive image of the differently-abled people. How they enjoy it when the wind plays with their hair. How magnificent they feel in their own skin. How happy, alive and carefree they feel…

Film review written by Nikita Bhandari and Rakshit Nair BMC II Semester .

Cinema in India

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning you can’t escape it.

Indian cinema completed its journey about 103 years. Indian cinema is the most  famous and colourful cinema, colourful doesn’t mean blue , green , purple or etc. it means there are people of different kinds from every part/territory  of the country i.e , from north to south and east to west.  Indian cinema has its own vast history it contains many cinema for instance:-, at early times we have silent cinema, then sound cinema the golden era of cinema, now modern cinema.

Each cinema era contains something special in it.  A special kind of drama, thriller, fantasy, emotions, music or etc. which is shown through by our respected directors, produces, or writers in cinema.

Indians have special space  for cinema in there heart weather the story of cinema is about love, family love, family problems, children’s or adults behaviour towards their parents friends, every age group somewhere at some point feel connected with that we don’t know where but deep inside we does. Like we brushing our teeth daily but sometimes we don’t even realise that how important is that single thing for our whole day and future as well. Same our today’s super hits reflects how we dressed up, our makeup, hair styles, delivery of dialogue or sets & locations we are using for film to our future generation like we can clearly see how was our India looks like in early 1910s, 1930s, 1950-1970 ,80s and 90s the locations used by our directors Kashmiri hills, Kerala coconut beaches, equipment’s and many more. Some people don’t like to read more and more but they want to know how their country looks like when the don’t even get birth, through the cinema we can aware people provide them  knowledge how freedom fighters fights for our country, apart from that our youth also having interest in knowing how at grand maa or great great grand paa times people fell in love without any continuous talking on mobile phones  or  delivery of dialogue makeup, hairstyles, pattern of songs Sufi’s shayari’s and ghazel’s .


The meaning of both dialogs are similar but you can see the music, dialog delivery and etc.,,  the uniqueness of both dialogues is era.

Nowadays cinema is the most popular way to define or elaborate something with entertainment like we have movies on our god and goddesses which helps to children or illiterate people who cannot read holy books but via this they can learn or know it. Many people wants to know what happened in India when Indian territory is under controlled in britishers  ?, what happened during era of independence?, what are the major losses of our country?. What is kargil war?? What happened on our  LOCs  ,borders of our country ? what our security forces do for us and what they sacrifices for our country. Via cinema we can get an idea of people who are awake late at night on borders when we are sleeping in our homes and lost in our dreams. When we are celebrating Diwali or Holi our forces still on borders. Our famous singer lata mangeshkar sung a beautiful song for our Indian forces. That 5 min song can wet any true Indian’s eye, ‘ ae mere vatan ke logo’ there’s line in that song which can simplify the emotions of Indian force when our country’s fest season begin and they are on borders and we are with our families friends and celebrating.

In 20th century cinema is playing a biggest role in awaking, motivating, and encouraging people as well as how to give respect, earn respect and spreading good vibes everywhere and love.

Written By Diksha Chaurasia BMC II Semester

Industrial visit of BBA department

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Industrial visit of  BBA department at Parle , Hariyan on 10th feb 2016

IMG_20160209_121307 IMG_20160209_120850 IMG_20160209_120847 IMG_20160209_121119 IMG_20160209_120402


Guest Lecture on News Anchoring

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

A guest lecture for BMC students was organized on 2 February 2016 by the JIMS Lajpat Nagar fraternity. The lecturer was delivered by a very dynamic and intelligent anchor Ms. SHALINI KAPOOR TIWARI.

Mrs. Shalini  is a woman who has touched heights in the field of journalism. She has an experience of 5 years in journalism and is currently working in ETV news as an anchor since June 2015. She has been an anchor and a producer for famous shows ‘ Badikhabar’ , ‘ApkaManch’ with the channel Khabreinabtak and has worked for women based social cause ‘ Nari’ and has been an anchor for prime time and further she has worked with news India and STV Haryana news again as an anchor and producer and was a big part of shows like ‘BadiKhabar’ , ‘Special report’ and ‘Janakrosh’.

In the present lecture Mrs. Shalini, enlightened everybody with her experience and expertise owner of a charismatic persona, her vivid knowledge about anchoring kept everybody stuck to their respective seats willingly surrendering attention to her words. Her interactive session reflected the dynamics of a worthy journalist. She inspired us all to stand out from the crowd and shine.

Written by Nikita Bhandari ,BMC (2nd semester) ,Student Coordinator.

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Guest lecture by Apurv Dixit

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

A lecture by an  Alumnus(2002-05Batch) of JIMS was organized for   BBA Sem-4  students on the 30th of Jan’2016.Working presently with Bank of Tokyo , Apurv discussed comprehensively the subject of “Risk Management”.Defining the four letter word-RISK as R-Rare (unexpected); I-Incident(outcome); S-Selection(identification) and K-Knocking(measuring or controlling), he said that RISK indicated an unexpected event or incident which needed  to be identified ,measured, monitored & controlled.Elaborating further ,he stressed that risk to market or country could be mitigated through efficient supervision on the part of national and international supervisory authorities. The lecture gave quite a good insight into the Banking sector and was very well received by the students.