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Filmmaking workshop experience ,bMC 3rd year

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Anuj Kumar pursuing BJMC 5th semester from Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences Lajpat Nagar branch. During the month of June and July 2015 has attended the Filmmaking workshop at Impulse Filmmaking Workshop under the guidance of Kavita Joshi (alumnus of FTII Pune). He has learnt the art of story telling in terms of film and the basic elements of film making. As a beginner he has learnt a lot how to take your first step in the field of film making.
Impulse foundation has a very good short term course format for learning film making. It explore you to the practical knowledge and the technicality of film making.

we would like to congratulate Anuj and all the good wishes and success to him and may he take our institutes name to the heights .All the best .


The big day orientation day !! Bmc department

Monday, August 24th, 2015

It was a great pleasure to welcome our fresh batch of students for the session of 2015!!
The event was held on 3rd Aug in the campus of Jims Lajpat nagar .
Jagannath institute of management sciences is proud to have new members in the already extended family . The event was proceeded by congratulating all the freshers .we were honoured to have chairman Mr.Amit Gupta our chief guest Mr Parvinder sharda and honourable professor (maj gen. ) MP Singh .
Chief guest Mr. Parvinder sharda (chief sub editor of Punjab kesari newspaper delhi ) which is the most widely circulated newspaper . He is the man who has covered major stories and covered many national and international event from ground zero . He has Also achieved many prestigious Awards including best journalist award of the year ,1998 and Delhi khel ratan awards.
He is inspiration to many young and budding journalists as Mr sharda is an outstanding journalist of our times. We were also pleased to have our chairman Dr. Amit Gupta giving immense support good wishes and knowledgeable advice to our freshers . It was also great to hear such motivational speech from our respective director sir professor (major general ) MP Singh . Hearing all the great professionals their expert advice and their life experiences . Will definitely motivate our fresh batch . They are the inspirational for our new professional batch . The kind of encouragement and vision which they created was great help in building the ladder of achievement for new students .
The orientation day ended well with the bundle of knowledge and expertise Advice .

I don’t think there’s any dearth of talent in India – we’ve always had the best juniors in the world !!
-mahesh bhupati

Does india hate muslims ? isn’t it truth ? ,Bmc department

Monday, August 24th, 2015
Q. Does India Hate Muslims? Isn’t it Truth?Recently, a group of Muslims leaders in Mumbai Projected an Article Written by B Raman, a former officer with the research and analysis wing. The Hyderabad MP and (AIMIM) Chief Asaduddbin Owaisi claims that Memon is being punished because of his religion, many of them are protesting for Yakub. But they need to understand that terrorist has no religion and he gets a capital punishment that works great. A quotation states, that every killer you kill never kills again. Yakub Memon the only person to be sentenced for a series of bombings in Mumbai in 1993, is been hanged. President Pranab Mukherjee has rejected his final plea for mercy. He has been hanged at Nagpur Central Jail the day, he was born it was his 54th birthday. Yakub Memon last wish was to meet his daughter after he was told he has lost all hope of stalling the execution as per the jail authorities said, so they arranged it. He was very happy and cheerful after talking to his daughter. Yakub Memon broke down in front of his brother and remembers all family members including wife Raheen and daughter. The officials said Yakub wen served roti’s and chicken legs with curry in his cell he ate only one roti and two legs of chicken. A Cake was also sent to Yakub inside Nagpur central jail, as the day was his birthday but it couldn’t be confirmed if he ate the cake. So Yakub story came to end, the one who kills, is been killed.Unlike the UPA, which failed to follow basic courtesies like informing the family in the case of Afzal Guru’s hanging, the NDA government did not act in a cowardly way and has allowed memon’s family to claim the body.

Four lessons India can learn from this….

1. The Indian state needs to strengthen the law and institutions rather than just forget about all the issues the Yakub case

2. The Real test from law and order lies ahead, as Pakistan’s ISI and jihads elements in India and abroad use the Memon hanging incident to recruit more jihad’s, one should expect increase in terrorist incident across India and especially in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

3. The Government must be active more and ensure both public order and fair investigations when such incidents occur.

4. The leaders and the opposite parties should not fight during the time of execution they can debate when there is no actual execution is in the pipeline.

Yakub Memon’s tragic hanging would tell other countries, how strong and powerful our system is….

by Manish trivedi ,bmc,2nd year .