Industrial Visit



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Interior Designing Students visited Talwar Fabrics and tried to get an idea of various alternative choices available for implementing the designs they create.Students had fun and enjoyed a lot.


Guest Lecture


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A Guest Lecture was held in BCA Department on 23-8-17 on the topic Web Technologies and Applications in Industry.The Speaker was Mr. Hemant Kumar,working as Senior Engineer in .He apprised the students of various technologies that are relevant in the Industry these days.It was a great learning experience for the students .They got a chance to clear their queries regarding the various practical applications of the technical knowledge they are receiving.

Guest Lecture at BMC Department








Guest Lecture was held in the department of Mass Communication by Ritu Bhardwaj, a Researcher and Script Writer (associated with Aamir Khan Productions) on the Topic: The making of Satyamev Jayate.

“Ninety nine percent of what goes into television is behind the camera. Some of us write well and therefore, make good writers; others think well and therefore, make good directors. Finding your forte is of essence,” said Ritu Bhardwaj, one of the key members of the creative team of Satyamev Jayate, sharing her professional journey with the students of mass communication. Also associated with “Kiran ki Kacheri”, a programme hosted by Dr Kiran Bedi, Ritu said her interest in social issues keeps the media person in her alive. Speaking about the role of research in television, she said, desk research has its limitations and actual research happens with real time subjects. Among the questions asked by the students were: Whether or not Satyamev Jayate was scripted? If Aamir Khan is as emotional a person as was shown in the reality show?

Students enjoyed the lecture a lot and were appraised of the working behind the scenes for any TV show.It was a great learning experience for the students.

Orientation Day






Every year a new batch of Freshers come and we are charged with new energy and enthusiasm to welcome them and see one more young lot.We welcome our every batch with warmth and excitement.This year too we had our induction/orientation of our Ist Year Students and it was great fun to welcome another generation Y to our campus.The Orientation day began with traditional light laming, and was proceeded by Chairman Sir’s and Director Sir’s Address .The orientation day also saw the presence of Mr. Kavinder Sachan fromRajya Sabha TV.

Farewell Party ‘2017


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A farewell party was organised by  JIMS Lajpat Nagar on 13th April for  the  final year students passing out  of the college . Students were given titles and gifts to make it a memorable day for them . JIMS wishes it students all the very best in life.

My First Letter To The God


On one of my frequent trips to Puttaparthi from Bangalore, I met Mr. Shyam Sunder Sharma. Shyam Sunder Uncle was the colleague of my father at the Himachal Pradesh University, and so I had some vague but fond recall of his affection. Many years later he had become a permanent resident of Puttaparthi. Not only was he the hand-picked devotee of Swami (Sathya Sai Baba), but was also heading the security at Prashanti Nilayam, the abode of Sathya Sai.

It was Baikunth Ekadashi and as a matter of chance I was in Puttaparthi. I had written a letter to Baba and was very keen that it should reach his hands. I parked myself at the staircase of Circular Building in the hope that I will be able to catch Shyam Sunder Uncle during his 10-minute halt at the accommodation that was allotted to him. He came and I spoke to him for less than two minutes and handed over the letter. He took the letter and asked me, “I will pass it on to Swami, but you promise me that you will pen down your spiritual experiences with Sai.” I assured him and off he went to his quarters.

I sat on the staircase once again, this time pondering about two aspects of the promise I had made. First, are my spiritual experiences worth sharing and second, how could I capture the essence of the blessings I received from Swami in words? Are there any words in any dictionary of the world that could capture what transpires between Baba and his children?

In my heart of heart, I knew I had committed and the only way forward was to start listing out the instances when swami showered his blessings on my world. The journey took me back to my kinder garden days, and I realized that Swami had extended his hand much before I knew how to reciprocate. It was only after I started my career as a reporter in The Hindustan Times that I had heard about Swami again. The end of the year edition of The Hindustan Times was awarding Man of the Year titles and I was to profile Dr UNB Rao, an IPS Officer then part of the Prime Ministers’ Security. I called up Dr Rao for an appointment. Dr Rao and his wife were the founders of Urvi Vikram Trust, an NGO that has been rendering a yeoman’s service in providing vocational training to school drop outs. Unfortunately, the day I landed at his home to get inputs for his profile was the death anniversary of his only son Vikram. I was led into a room where I saw a huge picture of Swami. I discovered that Dr Rao’s daughter was my namesake and it is her mention that diverted our conversation from Urvi Vikram Trust to Dr Rao’s son Vikram and then to Puttaparthi.

Dr Rao told me that soon after Vikram died in a road accident, his daughter compelled both the disheartened parents to visit Puttaparthi, where Dr Rao sat staring at his palms and cursing god for taking away his only son. Swami, who was then standing right in front of him looked at Rao and said: “Swami is no good; he takes away children when they are young.” The minute Swami’s words fell into Dr Rao’s ears, he found himself crying inconsolably.  Swami walked past him and minutes later Dr Rao was called for an interview with Swami. Dr Rao told me Swami showed a smiling Vikram in his palms and motivated Rao to make a difference to the lives of children like Vikram. It is this interaction with Swami that led to the creation of the Urvi Vikram Trust. As I was stepping out of Rao’s home, he said restless reporters like I should visit Puttaparthi.

As soon as I reached office that day, I noticed a colleague of mine, who was 7-month pregnant sitting with her head down on the desk. I walked up to her and asked if she was fine. She told me she was unwell and would be grateful if I got her medicine per the prescription she had. I took the prescription, excused myself from work and stepped out to get her meds. She felt better after taking the tablet and started talking to me. In the hope of comforting her, I offered to see her off till the cab. It was then that she told me that her brother Umesh Saraf was the SP of Anantapur, the abode of Sathya Sai. “Please let me know if you ever wish to visit Prashanti Nilayam,” she said, before getting into the cab.

I reached home and found that my family is planning a trip to Shirdi and as I shared my experience of the day, we decided to extend our trip beyond Shirdi and visit Puttaparthi. We were received by a police officer at the station and we headed for the Prashanti in a jeep. We were allotted rooms in Prashanti campus and assigned two escorts to guide us through. I saw Swami in flesh and blood for the first time and also noticed that his devotes were sitting with letters in their hands. As the evening came to an end the escorts asked me if I would want to write a letter to Swami. What should I write I asked them and they said write what you would write to God!

Surprised I got back to my room and started writing my first letter to Baba. “They say you God. That be the case you should be in a position to grant my wish to study abroad. Please note I don’t want to tax my parents for my ambitions and hence, I want to study abroad on my own. If you are God, they say you are, please grant me an opportunity to study abroad.”

Next morning I found myself sitting in the very first row and as Swami walked past me, his gaze paused  at the letter lying in my lap. He came to a halt. Unable to utter a word, I froze. As if in a dream, I touched his feet. He extended his hand asking for the letter. I gave him the letter without ever looking beyond his tiny feet.  As we stepped out of Prashanti, our escorts told us whatever was written in the letter would surely come true.

We returned to Delhi and I resumed my office. Less than a month had passed when I heard from my editor, who had just returned after delivering a talk at the School of International Journalism, University of Queensland. VNN, the editor in chief of The Hindustan Times had nominated me for “Masters by Research” at the University of Queensland and had called me to get my study leave processed!

In utter disbelieve, I processed my study leave and withdrew my PF to partly fund my study abroad. In less than two months time after writing to Swami, I found myself at St Lucia’s Campus of the University of Queensland. The year that followed left no doubt in my mind that there was God and that the “God” had answered my prayers!

Preeti M Surya

BMC, Programme Coordinator

Guest lecture by Tarun Kishore



On the 1st of April’2017,BBA-4 had a Guest Lecture by Alumnus Tarun Kishore -a company secretary-currently working with MMR group of companies.he reflected on what a Multinationals generally keep in mind before starting a project in another country.

The estimation of the income earned and tax incurred allows them to better budget their expenditures. He further spoke about the various taxes indigenous companies are exposed to.It was ,all in all, an informative lecture with very useful inputs for especially those interested in making a career in finance.


BCA Industrial Visit !






An Industrial visit was organised by BCA Department on 30th March 2017 for BCA 4TH AND 6TH Semester to KVCH Noida.The visit focussed on various technologies available in the market and the skills required to learn them and also the attitude that one should possess for working in an IT Industry.



PRISM -JIMS annual film festival









The 13th edition of Prism, the Annual Film and Photography Festival of the Jagannath International Management School unveiled on March 24, 2017 at the auditorium of its Kalkaji campus. The festival was organized in association with Institut Français and Ambassade De France En Inde. The well acclaimed filmmaker Mr Vijay Jodah and Ms Nikita Arora, CEO Webnell were the external judges for the event.A total of 60 films were screened in the festival





Ultratech Cement Industry, Dadri Plant Visit




JIMS,Lajpat Nagaroragnized for its BBA 2nd year students an industrial visit on the 21st of Feb’2017 to Ultra Tech Cement Plant.The visit was planned to give them an insight into the cement industry. The tour of the plant began with a presentation by the company officials about its inception & operations.This was followed by a tour around the plant to allow students to witness the working of the machines, process of manufacturing , means of transportation and raw material used. The trip around also included an overview of the packaging of cement and a word about safety measures observed by the workers while working in the plant.

The visit , on the whole, was informative and a good learning experience for the students.