A guest lecture on cloud computing




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JIMS has organized National Seminar on “Cloud Computing Technologies” on Saturday, 28 October, 2017 at India International Center, max Muller Marg, and New Delhi. The program was inaugurated with Welcome words given by Dr. Ravi K Dhar, Director Vasant Kunj. The Guest of Honour was Mr. B. Raghava Srinivasan, Regional Head-Education Institutes, and ICT Academy. The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Krishna Kant, Head, DELL EMC, Gurugram. The speaker of Technical session were Software Development Opportunities in Cloud Space, Mr. Manoj Jain, Software Development Director, Oracle Corporation, Noida, Recruitment Trends in Cloud Technology,Mr. Himanshu Chawla, COO,IRIS Global Services, Delhi. The vote of Thanks was given for the first session By Dr. Meenakshi Narula, Head, Department of Information Technology, JIMS, Vasant Kunj. And for Technical session By Dr. Harsha Ratnani, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, JIMS, Vasant Kunj. The seminar was full of knowledge on Cloud Computing, different services provided by different organization on cloud, its future prospects and different Career options available in IT Industry. Speakers suggested students to change Discover themselves, Re-invent themselves, to grow in future.




Guest Lecture on TV Programme Production





A guest  lecture was organised for BMC students on 25th Oct .Mr.Mriza Fahad from NDTV conducted the session .Mr. Fahad discussed the nuances of tv production and editing . As audience plays a major role in audio visual media he emphasized on hooking the audience through storytelling , music and editing .Media students participated enthusiastically during the session.





The students of BBA-3 were taken for a   visit to the  Mother Dairy plant  on the 17th of Oct’2017. A market leader in the branded milk segment , Mother Dairy is name today known for its diversified product portfolio namely ice creams , paneer , ghee , processed and frozen foods etc.

The tour inside the plant began with the showing of documentary that demonstrated the sourcing and transportation of the milk from the village farms , processing it  by way of  pasteurization, homogenization , standardization  before its final  distribution to the retail outlets . A live demonstration for testing the milk for urea and other foreign material was also given and the students were informed that the milk was subjected to 23 tests for the identification and removal of impurities.

The visit came to an end with the students being given a treat of flavored milk and ice cream.

Zest and Dandiya ‘2017




JIMS Like every year organized its Annual Inter Campus Fest ZEST &DANDIYA on 14th Oct Nov 2017 at Sri Fort Auditorium .All 4 campuses participated in both off stage and on stage events.It was fun ,prizes were won by some but appreciation by all.We all enjoyed all the events,be it Folk Dance,Fashion Show,Singing,RJ,AD-MAD,Floor art and many more.In the end Dandiya was also played which was enjoyed by one and all.

Inter Campus Presentation Competition ‘2017




JIMS, Lajpat Nagar hosted the Inter Campus Presentation Competition on the 9th of October’2017. The topics for the competition were –a.) Waste management-need of the hour b.) User friendly apps changing the way we live. The six participating teams were asked to choose one from the two shortlisted topics. One could witness the high conviction levels of the participants in the passion with which they presented their views on their respective topics. The aptness of expression was complemented by skillful preparation of the slides. Graphical representation of facts and figures; relevant videos further added to the effectiveness of the speech.
The competition was held on two levels: UG and PG.The first prize in the UG category went to Aayush Yadav and Viraz of Lajpat Nagar Campus and the second to Simran and Syed Mohd of Greater Noida.
In the PG category the first prize winners were Lakshay Sethi and Shubji Jain.
The event concluded with Prof (Maj.Gen.) M.P. Singh giving away the prizes to the winners.


Rotaract club of JIMS , Lajpat Nagar


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The new team of JIMS Rotaract Club took charge at the installation ceremony in JIMS Lajpat Nagar on Oct 9, 2017. The installation ceremony commenced with the incoming president Ayush Yadav giving presentation on the highlights of the year gone by and listing the action points for the coming year. Sarika Yadav, president Rotary Delhi South East collared the incoming president. The pinning ceremony of other office bearers – Vice President Shruti Jain, Secretary Shaurya Khuranna and Treasurer V Sai Senthil was also held. Also present on the occasion were Mr Samrat Yadav and other Rotarian s. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem and the reading of the popular Four-way test adopted by Rotary more than 60 years ago.

Convocation ceremony




9th October’2017 was indeed a memorable day in the lives of the students. Dressed in the ceremonial black gowns coupled with caps, the students looked ready to shoulder the bigger responsibilities. The event at Kalkaji auditorium began with the customary lighting of the lamp accompanied by Saraswati  Vandana. This was followed by Prof.(Maj.Gen.) M.P Singh-Director,Lajpat Nagar- addressing the students .  In his speech he stressed that an individual was the master of his own destiny and could achieve anything he desired with zeal and persistence. He advised the students to remain positive and focused as these were two qualities that paved the way for success in all areas of life. After the distribution of Diplomas to Graduates of all courses , it was time for Chairman –Dr.Amit Gupta to  speak to the students. In his convocation address he said that if a person strove for continuous self-improvement and adapted himself quickly to the changing times and situations, then he was sure to succeed. Supporting his statement he quoted examples of brands that had failed miserably owing to their outdated and invariable strategies. Wishing the students luck , he asked the students  to remain confident and goal oriented in their lives.



The World around us seems to be moving at a very fast pace, a continuous urge of moving ahead of each other, has taken over all other things and as a result the whole meaning of growth and Success has taken a new dimension, which is now measured in terms of the power one has, the Assets one accumulates and the life style we have adopted. In all this love, compassion, respect and more over empathy towards others has taken a back seat. We are so engrossed in ourselves, that we forget the purpose of life is to be Happy, create absolute Happiness and spread it also. We don’t realize that frowny faces, grudges, ego doesn’t yield anything at the end. Happiness is eternal bliss, a satisfied soul is better than a pocket full of money, A Compassionate heart better than a knowledgeable mind, and a humble attitude better than a arrogance of power at any given point of time. Most of us find it difficult to wish people at our work place with a smile, ask about their well being, even at our home we don’t find time to communicate to our extended family, wish them well or even meet them. Ego’s, betrayal, lies; lack of empathy has become the new normal of the modern era, specifically in metro cities. The law of nature is whatever we give to the Universe, it comes back to us; hatred, jealousy, indifference towards each other has become so common that we create our own shell of misunderstandings, forgetting that only compassion, love and respect survives till the end. We as a Society have to stop for a while, and think what we are creating and what we will leave as a legacy? How do we want to be remembered, as someone who earned a lot or someone who spread happiness and smiles?. Choice is anyways ours……………


Anupama Munshi

Faculty Farewell!





Meeting and Parting with people is the way of life,and in between all this we create memories,memories to cherish for lifetime.We at JIMS wish all the best to Mr. Virender Bhati  for his journey  and new Assignment in his  professional Career.