Spiritualism or depravity?


Sitting with my classmates in the café of my language institute one day, we had this delightful conversation with a young student from Germany who had come to India for an internship program. All of us were curious, as much, about his reasons for coming to India, as about his opinion of our country. A well informed and aware young man , he spoke in the most reverent tones about India and its people. “India is a spiritual country and its people- God fearing”, he had said. It has been almost twenty years now since we had this conversation but these  words ring loud in my ears whenever I think of Max Mueller Bhawan. Such words coming from a foreigner are nothing less than a compliment and make you feel proud of your country no end.

Events of the last few days , however, have dunked me in a sea of doubt. Are we really spiritual or  is it all just pretense? We commit the most heinous crimes , all in the garb of spiritualism. Is this the “spiritualism” that student intern from Germany was talking about? I wonder how people from the other parts of world would perceive us now. Greed and lust have turned  us into beasts ; sitting on elevated ramps surrounded by devotees with folded hands , we preach but do not follow the same teachings. Are we so blinded by our preoccupation with self growth that we don’t bother what happens to the unsuspecting millions who place their faith in us without batting an eyelid? No, this is no more the country that came out of the chains of thralldom seventy years ago; this is no more the country where moral values were preached, practiced and respected; and this definitely not the country where a woman was looked upon as a “mother”- the creator of the universe. The trouble is that we have started worshipping and practicing “depravity” as our religion and “deceitfulness” as our profession. Losing a few lives is as normal as eating and drinking for us. With violence as our guiding force ,we are no longer in control of our own senses.


In this day and age of science and technology , we are still immersed in age old superstitions and follow blindly the path shown to us by any smooth talking ,maneuvering mind.

The only way out of this serfdom to ignorance is faith in self and a constructive preoccupation with work. This is and has been the only mantra of success for all the successful men and nations around the world.

Gurmeet Sodhi

Department : BBA

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