Roads less travelled by Indian Interior Designers


Often students aren’t given guidance on how many vast opportunities their choice of degree can bring, other than the respective obvious namesake careers. If you have a degree in architecture or interior design, there are many career options that you can choose from.

With the knowledge gathered from your course on the basic principles of design, an interior designer, other than manipulating living spaces, can also pursue the following:

  • Art director

An art director is someone who is in charge of the visual appearance of sets, be it for films, theatre, music festivals etc. Often a team of experienced and creative architects and interior designers are brought in to create and bring the director’s vision to life. This is a norm especially for period drama movies as the designer’s extensive knowledge on the history of architecture and planning comes in handy.

  • Landscape designer

An independent profession by itself, landscape designing is a field which can be pursued by interior designers interested in botany and developing green spaces. Other than the basics of elements of design, knowledge on local vegetation will help designers to excel in this field.

  • Furniture designer

Many interior designers believe furniture is the building blocks with which they design a space to give it both functional and aesthetic appeal. This is a career path that can built opportunities and freedom to design a space that is unique. An interior designer’s extensive knowledge on anthropometry, ergonomics and materials will help them to excel in this field if they wish to pursue it.


  • Graphic Designers

An interior designer’s knowledge in principles of design as well as their skills in computer softwares will allow them to pursue a career in graphic design. This will also help them in their own field while creating prints and patterns for home décor items like upholstery, carpets, designer crockery etc. Quirky and fun home décor items are currently in vogue, and is definitely a career worth pursuing.

These are just a few of the many design fields which can be explored by anyone with a degree in design. Research on all aspects of one’s field to find the best niche that fits each individual, to achieve a successful and satisfying professional life.

Sherina Siraj