The art of writing TV news


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A guest lecture  by Mr. Franklin Nigam , Executive Editor (Programming)-News World India was organised for BMC Department on 22nd Sep 2017 .Mr. Franklin gave an inside about the media news writing , the importance of researcher for a story and emphasized  on inculcating the habit of reading among the students.

It was an springing and motivating lecture .









Career and Career development






A guest lecture by Mr. Rajiv Puri –Ex- vice president-Showa Munjal  was truly a guiding post for the students of BBA-1 & 5. An engineer by profession , Mr.Puri talked about how he joined as a trainee at  Pentagon Screws & Fastners and went on to become the vice-president of Showa Munjal limited. While talking about his own career path , he also shared examples from the lives of his associates who demonstrated extraordinary conviction to achieve their goals. The point of emphasis , all through the lecture, was “firm focus on the depth and not the width”. To illustrate his point , he talked about a store in-charge who had an ardent desire to start a business of his own and succeeded in doing so all thanks to his urge to learn the work in –depth.

It was ,all in all, a highly inspiring and motivating lecture by somebody who had himself walked the path to gain those truly valuable insights.

Modern Management in the corporate world






A lecture by Ms.Meena Jaiswal on the 16th of Sept’2017 was all about the dynamics of  transition from the campus to the corporate. Underscoring the importance of personality in bagging a job, she stressed that a candidate must find out the targeted  skill set  before sitting for an interview; once selected, the candidate must  display the ability to apply the knowledge gained in the college. She was further of the view that grades and marks obtained in the college were not enough to allow one to achieve success and that the corporate world demanded and valued qualities like accountability, adaptability, emotional and social stability and so on and so forth.

A glimpse into the corporate world and its culture, the lecture carried a checklist of the points to be borne in mind while preparing to join the professional world.


Merit Distribution ceremony at JIMS , Lajpat Nagar






Acknowledgement and appreciation of the hard work done is the best of all reward that one can receive.Our Students were also appreciated for their academic excellence ,when they received merit certificates for their concerted efforts through our Honorable Chairman Sir. As a guide and a mentor Chairman Sir has always made it a point to acknowledge and appreciate students for their efforts and also motivate them for future challenges .

Problems faced by Tourism Industry in India


A country like India is blessed with combination of culture, great historical back ground & landscape. Therefore possibilities of vacations are almost unlimited. With a boom in tourism sector, the hospitality industry is becoming an important part of the country’s economy.

In spite of so much growth & development in tourism sector, our country has had to battle various issues ranging from government red tapism to pervasive security threats.

Some of the problems faced by tourism industry in India are:-

  • Business Hurdles: – Government regulations in India frustrate tourists & tour operators for example: – Change in VISA policies which create inconsistent enforcement. Many other nations in order to earn more foreign exchange have started offering VISA on arrival to the tourists. Not only this ,our tourism industry is way behind in terms of infrastructure facilities like adequate roads, water, sewer etc.Airports have been expanding in order to accommodate passengers. In fact the service tax is so high that it  does not allow visitors to spend money.


  • Attack on Women: –

With the increase in number of cases against women, there is a 25% drop in business over the first quarter of 2013  as reported by tour operators in India. Then there are cases of  victims of sex crimes who bring their stories to light, The Associate Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India said female tourism dropped by 35% in same quarter.



  • Security Concerns: –

India is badly affected by threats & tensions with its fellow nuclear neighbor Pakistan. The US government has long warned their citizens to avoid traveling to border or other disputed areas in India. Today terrorism is the biggest threat for tourist traveling to India. Incidents like 2008 Mumbai attack, German bakery attack in Pune, serial blast in Mumbai locals etc.have created a fear in the mind of tourists looking at India as a tourist destination.


  • Concerns about Industry Growth :- Despite earning foreign exchange, there are some negative impact of tourism like:-


  • Migration of workers.
  • Under employment caused by seasonal work.
  • Inflation as tourist drive up prices.
  • Preference given to tourist supplies like water, roads etc.
  • Environmental impact of tourism & other important concerns.


Tourism needs policy attention precisely for this reason. In order to fight against these threats & obstacles for tourism. following steps can be taken :

conducting susceptibility study

developin risk teams

analyzing the types of threats

developing a simple probability chart

categorizing your threats by grouping & developing suitable threat guidelines etc

This will encourage tourist to come inlarge number,

Mr. Vikas

BMC Industrial Visit




An industrial visit to India News was organised on 16th Sept for the department of BMC on 16th Sept 2017. Media students interacted with the journalist , visited studio , production control room at Indian news TV channel . It emerged out as a good learning experience for the students .

Role of CRM in banking to satisfy and retain customer


Earlier, it was not complex to choose bank or products/services for customer offered by banks. Moreover, not only the teller but also branch manager would recognize most of the names of customers and their family members. And being everything equal, customers picked up bank as per their convenience. On the other side, banks earned customer’s loyalty through personal relationship they could foster as per the fashion.

But in recent era, of advancement comprises of globalization, commoditization and deregulation has revolutionized the face of banking in an not changeable fashion. Even with the right intention of making personal relationship strong with customers, the sheer grow in number of products and assortment of mediums for transaction and communication, and banks are struggling their way to understand their customers properly and consequently offer them well and maintain and increase value of customer. As per this context CRM is the best way and key action to foster personal relationship to maximize the value of customer.

Accept products and mediums, customers may choose to communicate and transact, an experience of the customer should be constant. To various touch points like ATM, Call center, branch, etc., the following points should available.

  • A truth of single version.
  • Drawing inferences from the same.
  • The suitable references to be deployed for various customers as per their needs and demand.
  • Studying from such deployed reference should be close-looped to perform future recommending and reporting.

Dr. Samridhi Chadha


Guest Lecture on “Astrovastu – Way of life”.





The Department of Interior Designing conducted a Guest lecture for the students on 15th September 2017 by Mr. Shri Manoj K Juyali ,who is an eminent Scholar of Vastu and Astrology in a reputed company Panchtatwa. The topic of the lecture was “Astrovastu – Way of life”.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and were aware of the various facts concerning Astrovastu. It was a great learning experience for the students

Visit to parle-G




The students of BBA sem-1 were taken for a visit to the  Parle-G plant located at Bahadurgarh on 13th September’ 2017.Known for producing biscuits & wafers, the brand has created for itself quite a strong market in India. Names like Parle G ,Krack Jack and Monaco ,Full Toss –a wafer and snack are known to almost every person in the country. Beginning as a confectionary in the year1929,Parle products began manufacturing biscuits in 1939.It was in 1947, the year of independence , that the  company launched its first ad campaign, showcasing its Gluco brand of biscuits as an Indian alternative to the British biscuit.

While  a video called ZAPPO detailed the product line and the process of manufacturing, actual visit to the plant gave a nice insight into the process of moulding, baking, stacking and packaging of biscuits. This was followed by a discussion and question –answer round during which the students got to know about Parle –G factories around the world.

The visit was ,all in all, quite informative.