capturing your special moments!! BMC department !


A person pointing a camera at you and saying, “cheese!”(or paneer in India) instantly makes you smile. But it hasn’t been a short while since since this food stuff found its place in the communication vocabulary. Photography, the term literally means capturing light. Photography was a professional job to begin with but lately has become a hobby or leisure activity. Initially camera was a very bulky equipment to carry around but now a camera fits into your palm in the form of phone camera or in your buttonhole in the form of spy-cam. Photography has transitioned from negative film photography to digital photography. But irrespective of its form, pictures have always been a powerful form of communication. Moreover, not just making people say “cheese!”; photography has evolved and grown in other types too for example Wildlife Photography, Landscape Photography, Candid Photography etc. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “Every picture tells a story.” Photography has emerged as a brilliant and powerful tool of expression. A photograph coupled with a meaningful quote can create a lasting impression on the minds of people. For instance a photograph on domestic violence can depict a child with a bruised face with a caption, “He looks just like his mom. Doesn’t he?” And like Albert Einstein says, “A mind once stretched by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions.”

This one is an article about photography by RAKSHIT NAIR ,BMC Ist Semester

The Impressive media personality ! Guest lecture ! Bmc department !


We were honoured to have our special guest MR. Mohammad faizan . Who is a senior producer at Ndtv red dot. He has a big list of working experiences . He has experience of working with best in the industry like yashraj films , Ndtv , channel V ,and with many more renowned directors . He also has a working experience on documentaries , short films and corporate films etc. Many brilliant shows which he have produced are KBC, Indias got talent etc. He is brilliant in communication and convincing skills .
Through this lecture we got to learn about production , pre production, and postproduction and the fuctioning in these area . He was excellent in clearing our quires . He handled to explain each and every working in the production areas .
He was excellent in motivating the students and spreading the knowledge . We would thank him for his presence .we were really obliged to have such a splendid media personality with us .