Industrial visit to Ceramic city Khurja: ID Department


An Industrial visit to Ceramic city Khurja was organised by Interior design department for the students of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester on 1 st April 2015.

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Khurja is known for its pottery. Situated only 100 km from Delhi, Khurja, though a small town of U.P. State, supplies a large portion of the pottery used in the country. There are nearly 400 factories there, making ceramic items, including sanitary goods, fuses, cut-outs, ashtrays, electric goods, footsteps etc. But those who are involved in the traditional craft of pottery constitute only a handful. The uniqueness of its splendid pottery is that in spite of being hand-made and hand-painted, it is very reasonably priced. Khurja is famous for Blue Pottery since 1947.

The aim of the Visit was to make the students study Ceramics and pottery manufacture.

The visit provided them with complete knowledge about the manufacturing and baking techniques used for ceramics and pottery. The visit was very informative and students also got a chance to have a hands on experience at pottery.

Industrial Visit BCA Department


The industrial visit to the IT company for BCA Students was held on 22-4-15 to Network Bulls ,Gurgaon. Students were made aware of various networking technologies and devices. It was a great learning experience for students. Students were able to understand the concept of network devices, seen them physically, get clear the difference between routers and switches. They also understand the difference between manageable devices and non-manageable devices. The trainer taken the students to the hardware lab also. They learnt how to manage the router. The workshop was full of knowledge and students found it very interesting.