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Lok Sabha Election 2019: Battlelines shift from ad space to online space

Monday, March 18th, 2019
Head of the Department
Department of Journalism and Media Management

Call it the festival of democracy, or battle for ballots, or the war for voters’ mindshare, the stage is set for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Unlike 2014 general elections, the fight is more real and less personality centric, rhetoric driven cacophony. The marketing spiel of the political leaders embellished with feel good slogans take the prime news slots on most television channels.

NDA’s India Shining Campaign- a concerted advertising effort with the declared ad spent of Rs 150 crore scripts a fresh plot in the story of political advertising.

Cut to 2004 Elections: India Shines, NDA Fades

India Shining Campaign of NDA
India Shining Campaign of NDA

Contrary to the predictions of psephologists, political pundits and the expectations of the media strategists, NDA fades into history. A few case studies term India Shining campaign as failure of integrated marketing communication and blame it on “false claims” made in the campaign. The campaign, say the analysts, distanced the common man from Vajpayee Sarkar. Some even term it the worst poll strategy.

2009 elections: Aam Admi Vs Mazboot Neta

Election Campaign 2009; LokSabha Elections 2009

Political campaigning methodologies devised by the advertising agencies undergo a change. Congress ropes in India’s biggest advertising agency JWT along with Crayon, a smaller Delhi based firm with experience of handling political accounts. BJP gets Frank Simoes-tag and Utopia onboard to prepare 2009 campaign advertisements.  

2009 General Elections create history of sorts for being the second mass-use-of-social media event, next only to 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. The election marks the beginning of online voter registration in India. The political campaigns spill over to social networking websites. Political outcome: Congress led UPA garners 206 out of 543 seats.

2014 Elections: Har Haath Vikas Versus Abki Baar Modi Sarkar 2

2014 Lok Sabha Elections

Politicalparties dig deeper into the online space. The battle for mindshare shifts from the ad space to online space in a big way. Political online communication pans out as blogs, micro blogs (such as twitter), photo sharing, social bookmarking, social gaming, and social networking. BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is supported by a team of social media managers.

2014 Lok Sabha Elections

Ogilvy-Mather’s agency Soho Square creates the BJP campaign. Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Joshi and Sam Balsara are the minds behind Brand Modi. The communication strategy for Congress, estimated to be worth Rs 600 crore, is handled by the Japanese communication company Dentsu.

Tailor made for Modi’s controlled speech strategy, social media gives enough leeway to debate/ discuss but no scope for journalistic interruption in Modi’s presumptive political agendas. Away from the media gaze, the political aspirant steers clear from institutional and bureaucratic rigors while directly interacting with his supporters. Media reacts and compares Modi’s popularity in the digital space with that of the US President Barack Obama.

Cut to 2019 Elections

The digital footprint of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ranges from NaMo App, the topic pages of various aggregators, scholastic studies on diplomatic initiatives of Prime Minister Modi to the social media presence via Twitter handles Narendra Modi@narendramodi and PMO india@pmoindia.

Add to this the facebook updates and #I support Narendra Modi, #Namo2019, #NaMoTrueIndian, #Namo2019PM, #Modifollowers and it seems impossible to quantify and ascribe a certain figure to Modi’s mention in the online space. A media report (live mint July 11, 2018) says “with 43.4 million followers, Prime Minister Modi is the world’s No. 3 most followed person on Twitter”.

Rated as the “most effective world leader on Facebook,” the report claims that on an average each of Modi’s posts witnesses 99,133 interactions. PM Modi, says the report, is No 1 World Leader on Facebook and Instagram (with over 12 million followers).

Rahul Inches Closer to Modi on Facebook
Matching the fete is the online popularity of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. A recent media report recently stated that data from Facebook owned social media tool CrowdTangle shows that Gandhi’s popularity on Facebook is inching closer to that of PM Modi. A recently released dinner video showing Congress President with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and Chief of Congress’s Campaign Committee Head in MP, Jyotiraditya Scindia at Indore’s Chappan Bazaar attracted 2.2 million views. The data from CrowdTangle indicates that for the month of October, the gap between Gandhi’s interactions and Modi’s interactions narrowed down to a mere 11,000.

Is Social Media the Kingmaker?

Some scholastic studies even indicate that the role of web in political communication is significantly stronger than that of the mass media.  

A careful content and structural analysis of social media platforms may even yield results similar to the outcomes of traditional election polling. Are the exit polls taking cue from the digital footprints of our netas?  And will social media play kingmaker in Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Let’s wait and watch.

Importance of light in interiors

Saturday, March 16th, 2019
Ms Swati Parvatiyar
Assistant Professor , HOD,
Interior Designs Department

Lighting creates great impact in interiors. While on one hand it sets the mood of a room, on the other hand it also creates a perception on the size of the room. It can create the illusion of space and simultaneously help highlighting the décor. To understand it better, let us first talk of colours. We know that darker colours make a room look cramped and heavy. We also know that light colours do just the opposite. A light coloured wall creates an illusion of space because of the light reflected off of the wall’s surface.

There are different types of lighting. They could enhance illusion by further illuminating the wall, or do the opposite.  

Hence it is important to clearly understand the purpose that lighting is required to serve. Otherwise it is simply a waste of electricity. For example chandeliers are used in large rooms, open foyers. This is because of their centrally themed placement that provides excellent illumination.  

Be clear about what  style of lighting you want. You can opt for the best directional or luminescent type for the setting. Opt for task-specific lighting for desks and other work areas where functionality is more important than overall room illumination.

Directional lighting, for example a track lighting, can soften the wall colours. It is the perfect example of positional lighting. Hung from the ceiling, the adjustable necks and lamps can be pointed at specific objects such as wall paintings, vase of flowers on an entryway table or the bar top or kitchen island. Consider mounting them on the walls, also. Some photo and mirror frames also have built-in lighting to highlight specific areas on a wall.

Similarly, recessed lighting can be used in floors and ceilings to create vertical beams of light to illuminate the floors with its soft, downward glow. This is unlike the lights hung from the center of the room, which provide ambient illumination, or wall lighting. Wall lights are used to add length and size, visually, to an entryway hall.

All these lighting styles determine the light or dark appearance of a colored section with defined level of accuracy.

Remember that interiors are all about placement and size along with color selection, and furniture. While right design is an underlying factor, lighting plays the most important role to define the ambience of the place. The lighting in a room either provides illumination for the entirety of the room, or it highlights very specific elements.

 A right mix of available natural light with artificial lighting is crucial because the elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved, has the potential of seamlessly transforming a room into a combination of functionality and style. For a darker room, full-spectrum natural light can be a better choice. Natural lighting is also preferred because it shows off colors better and adds to the visual space of a room by bouncing off reflective surfaces more effectively than artificial lighting. One may also consider skylights or large windows for more natural light. In case it is not possible that one may alternatively use sheer drapes and curtains to allow the maximum amount of light from windows. But both natural as well as artificial lighting help creating the illusion of space. They need to be used effectively to play with available space. As it is, without enough light a room will look cramped. In such a case even close-proximity furniture arrangements make the room look even more cramped. So the right mix is important. No doubt lighting is a style statement.

Statement Ceilings

Saturday, March 9th, 2019
Ms Sherina Siraj
Assistant Professor
Department of Interior Designing

Moving aside ‘accent walls’ the trend that lasted for years in the interior design world, a new concept has taken its place – STATEMENT CEILINGS

Here the ceiling is often considered a fifth wall, and treated with textures, colours, patterns and fixtures to create interest in your spaces.

Statement ceiling isn’t a new concept, it is just making a comeback. Many historical structures have beautiful ceilings that are carved or painted on, and treated as the focus point of the space. Taking inspiration from these vintage interiors there are many things one could do to vamp up their ceilings.

Ceiling Mirrors

A trend of the 70’s – this makes the interior looks glam and stylish. The reflection of light also makes the space looks airy and large. Keeping safely in mind, acrylic replacements are also used to create a mirror tile effect.

Image courtesy: ArchitectureArtDesigns

Vintage Ceiling Tiles

Image courtesy: Bespoke only

A 19th century trend, ceiling tiles are making a comeback. Embossed and beautifully carved tiles can still be found in historic buildings today. \

Painted ceiling – Accent color

Painted Ceiling
Image courtesy: HGTV

Instead of blindly choosing a white, try choosing a bold color to accentuate your ceiling thereby adding a pop to your interiors. The color doesn’t necessarily have to be in contrast with the rest of the space. Like shown below it can be the same as the walls.

Wallpapered Ceilings

Wallpaper Ceiling

An excellent trick to add excitement to your ceiling, it also adds patterns and texture to the space.

Other trends include – Accentuating your ceiling with a statement light fixture or chandelier, cornices, wooden ceilings, exposed beam ceiling, black or stripped ceilings etc.

Bring in some flair to your interiors using these trends of 2019.

Career growth in hospitality & service industry

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

Mr Gurmeet Singh Kohli
Head of the Department
Assistant Professor
Department of Hotel Management

Hospitality & Service Industry relates with Hotel, Aviation and Travel & Tourism in the global scenario. There is a huge potential in this hospitality and service industry so called Aviation. Hotels and Travel & Tourism to cater to young force [students / educated youth ] in shape of employment .  Students can get recruited in different verticals like  Front Office , Catering  , Marketing & Sales , Human Resources , Food & Beverages , Airport services , Concierge jobs which are very important department and considered to be an ambassador of the hotel . Now a days  hotel management students have lots of other avenues to join in various jobs  like  Cruise hospitality , Travel & Tourism Industry covers Tour escorts , Guides , Travel agents , Tour operators   , Visas sections in Embassy’s ,  Aviation Industry covers Cabin Crew & Airport ground staffs etc.

Over the period hospitality industry has seen a tremendous growth. We are expecting several international chains of hotels to come up with lots of opportunities for young aspirants to be recruited in their distinguished organizations.

We can not neglect Travel & Tourism Industry which is a vital part of service Industry and let me apprise you that 1 in 7 people are employed in travel & tourism related occupation. As such the potential of this industry is huge. Keeping in view the fact that more & more people are involved in travelling in search of business, education, health treatments etc.

So in nut shell, Hospitality and service industry plays a vital role in the world economic activity and fuels the growth and financial strength of the country. In today’s rapidly changing global economy, Aviation , Hospitality so called Hotel and Travel & Tourism sector drives economic progress , promoting leisure and business activities. An increase in Hospitality and service industry activities provides a useful indicator to identify the status of the national economy.

Our Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, Lajpat Nagar – Hotel Management Department is dedicated to career based education only. It has a skill based pedagogy which is a combination of assignments , case studies , web supported learning , practical work shops , Industrial visits in various five star hotels and Industrial Internship training programme for at least 90 days as a  part of academic curriculum to meet an international hospitality standards provides enormous industry exposure to our students which ultimately  reflecting their  capabilities and potential & helps to get place in various verticals in this Industry.

Aviation industry is influenced by the status of world economy. Air transport industry is an economic strength of a nation, which attracts new industries , global business and enhances global reach. Now days there are several key factors which influence air travel demands are:

  • Rise in per capital income (PCI)
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Standard of living.
  • Tourism Production.
  • Entry of multinational companies.
  • Incase in personal disposable income. (PDI)
  • Falling real cost of Air travel.
  • Growth of International Trade.
  • Relaxation of Travel Restrictions.
  • Advent of Low cost or no – frills Airlines
  • Foreign direct Investment. (FDI)
  • Market Competition.

This shows that an employment opportunity in the Aviation, Hospitality & service industry is growing immensely in comparison with other sectors.

Use a rug to spice up the interior

Friday, March 1st, 2019
Ms Nancy Kapoor, Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Designing

If you want to experiment with color, but hesitant to stick to a permanent wall color, then rugs are an ideal option to pop up your room! a simple addition can make great changes in your interior. Rugs help to define the areas like dining, bedroom or living room. An area of rug can be beautiful and a good investment that can give versatile options of design tool. Designer rugs help to enhance furniture visually, they provide warmth and atmosphere to environment and create great optical illusion.

The pattern also plays a very important role in creating interesting interiors.There are a few typical rug patterns.

  • Use bold geometric patterns like chevrons, circles or stripes when you have simple lines in your furniture. For example, if you’re looking for a retro look, a black and white chevron design can be beautifully accented with red furniture.
  • For a more subtle approach, use low-contrast cream colors, which look great against leather or dark wood furniture.
  • Floral prints are often found in oriental designs, and they are perfect for adding distinction to a room. Modern floral designs are often nature-inspired or silhouettes, rather than highly abstract, ornamented patterns. They create a calming effect and are great for bedrooms.
  • Kid-themed designs can be a little risky. Make sure the design won’t go out of date too quickly. It’s best to look for abstract patterns and gender-neutral colors.

Now rugsare used in wide variety to define the style of a space. There are many type of rugs available in market.

Natural fiber rug

  • Wool rug
  • Cotton rug
  • Jute and sisal rug
  • Silk and viscose rug

Synthetic fiber rug

  • Nylon rug
  • Olefin rug
  • Polyester rug

Chef’s Cap – a creative mind’s cap

Monday, February 25th, 2019
Mr Rajesh Kumar
Assistant Professor

Globalization has changed the mindset of many youngster in India who wish to start their career as chefs. We learn that – The aim or intention of cooking is to see that the food cooked undergoes a physical and at time a chemical change that the end result is edible and acceptable dishes. Outside of skill, money, and time, I find that confidence is the biggest barrier between new chefs and putting dinner on the table. Confidence in preparing food is more than just having the right equipment and necessary right ingredients for a recipe. You always take right steps you can take to trusting yourself in the kitchen.

Practicing more always gain confidence at anything is just to do it more, but I’ve never found that advice particularly encouraging or helpful. Here are a few small, practical things you can put into practice in JIMS- HM collage, that will improve your confidence in the kitchen and help you fall in love with cooking even more. Here in our institute we improve and develop the skills and creativity of students to became a professional chef.

The hard work sincerity and your passion about cooking make you a good chef. Most of student ask me how I became a chef my answer is what do you most enjoy doing? What’s the special talent you have that’s uniquely yours? If you love Food and if you have confidence and passion for cooking by Heart – definitely you became a chef.

Much of your confidence in cooking comes from understanding how food works as chemistry we can eat. Gadgets do not build confidence. Practice and observation build confidence. This much salt will be too much, that much salt just enough. That much heat will dry it out, this much heat will not. A food processor has this result, a knife has that result. Those spices together result in good flavor, these spices do not.

When you start working in professional kitchen first start focusing on practice good Miseen place, maintaining high Hygiene stander and most important Team work, and follow yours senior’s instructions. Never mind what role you play-and what work you have given just complete it and learn from it because chef life is all about improve your skills every day and every moment because lessons and skills you learn early in life will have huge impacts on your future career.

 Success dose not came in an instant the road to the top is long. It takesmart work, improving levels of responsibility and consistent performance to progress in your career. So set your Goal first and work hard towards achieving it. Excellence comes from inside, not outside. Its an attitude. Commit to doing your best at all time. Don’t compromise, ever. Whatever you do, give your 100 per cent. Aim to be the Best Chef.

And do that not because someone you see as a chef, but because YOU want to become a chef.


Count Your Blessings

Monday, February 25th, 2019
Ms Gurmeet Sodhi,
Head of the Department
BBA Department

Thinking one moment and blanking out just another, I am perplexed by the state of thoughts of my own mind. Over and over again, I ask myself –are we the inhabitants of this so called blessed planet Earth? Blessed indeed this planet is for it holds within its colossal belly in abundance the rarest of the gifts indispensable for human survival. Do we, however, supposedly the most intelligent of all livingforms, have the sense to understand the value of these gifts? No, not an iota of it, I believe. For, if we actually valued these gifts, we would be striving for a harmonious and peaceful existence and not an existence that spelled doom and disaster.

I sit here today mourning the loss of those innocent lives who had, uppermost in their minds, nothing but the safety and security of their countrymen. They knew no religion, no caste, no creed; for them were their countrymen just human beings –whose lives had to be saved at any cost. Notwithstanding all the noble thoughts and intentions, they lost their lives in a fashion that can, at best, be described as inhuman and brutal. Which religion, I wonder, in the world, teaches brutality and torture; which one tells you that anything you snatch from another will go with you after you leave this world and finally, which one tells you to abuse the gifts nature has blessed your planet with; to the best of my knowledge, none.

We hold conferences and conclaves to find ways and means to cut down on pollution; put an end to terrorism; bring about equality and peace in the world –all this just to preserve the human lives. The itineraries of the world leaders are packed with hundreds of diplomatic tours that promise positive and constructive changes in the world. Why then, even after these allegedly well-meaning efforts, the world order is disrupted and humanity threatened.

It is, my dear friends, all owing to the crooked value system we have come to acquire from some disoriented, misguided and destructive minds. Minds that tell us to place self and own interest above those of all the others. Greed, jealousy and lust for power has rendered us completely devoid of human values making us savage by the day. Is this the purpose of our lives? Killing, destroying and mutilating beyond recognition the gifts of nature.

We teach our kids, in their formative years, the concept of sharing and caring. But, when they reach adulthood, our lessons become different. We tell them, at this point to become indifferent to the sentiments of those who belong to another community. Why, I ask, this indifference? We were all born with the same sets of body parts and a thinking mind; and it is these characteristics that put us all in the category of human beings. And today, one human being is thirsty for the blood of another. Is this what we were born for? Is this the ultimate aim of our life? Let us get out of this thirst for blood, hunger for power and material things and strive to make this planet a beautiful place it was designed and desired to be.

Stop Competing, Start Living

Friday, February 22nd, 2019
Anupama Munshi
Assistant Professor

“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” This famous quote by “Rumi” sums it all. The metro sexual life seems to be a never ending journey of desires, expectations, stress and relative happiness. There seems to be less time and more tasks at hand. Pain, anger and anxiety have a permanent address in our mind space. Making a living is more important than life and the zest for absolute happiness is gradually dying down. Compassion for each other has taken a back seat. We all are competing with each other to prove who is smarter rather than acknowledging who is wiser.

“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” This famous quote by “Rumi” sums it all. The metro sexual life seems to be a never ending journey of desires, expectations, stress and relative happiness. There seems to be less time and more tasks at hand. Pain, anger and anxiety have a permanent address in our mind space. Making a living is more important than life and the zest for absolute happiness is gradually dying down. Compassion for each other has taken a back seat. We all are competing with each other to prove who is smarter rather than acknowledging who is wiser.

Striving for fame, money and excellence may secure a place, a certain status or even a certain position in this materialistic world but it doesn’t necessarily win someone’s heart, and most certainly not guarantee the solace of the soul. The art of living ought to focus on creating a life of blissful happiness, absolute contentment and mutual compassion. The journey of soul goes through wisdom, courage, humility, forgiveness and acceptance. Life is blissful without complaints, grudges and jealousy.

Begrudging erodes our good fortune. Working with collaboration instead of comparison, looking inwards rather than pointing flaws of others, living with gratitude instead of complaining is the mantra of making a worthy life. The state of peaceful joy brings us closer to the truth for bliss has always been our natural way of being. Stop and think through your priorities. Are we creating a worthy life or merely making a living!

Technologies of Today For A Promising Career Tomorrow

Friday, February 15th, 2019
Ms Poonam Malik

Ms Poonam Malik, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology

The backbone of a business is supply and demand.  The quantity of demand depends on the quality and the price of product/service supplied in the market. The same holds good for the IT sector. The market price of a product/service or the skill set of an employee is determined by both demand and supply that comes with them. Therefore to be a worthy investment for the employer and procure quality skill set, one must learn and know about the new/emerging technologies of the sector.

Listed below are the technologies that may help an IT job aspirant to emerge as a worthy investment with unique skill set commanding good price in the job market:

1) Artificial intelligence (machine learning/deep learning/Neural networks)

2) Block chain

3) Voice Assistant tech Integration

4) Privacy and security

5) Data Analytics/Science

6) NLP – Natural Language Processing

7) RPA – Robotics Process Automation

8) Virtual Reality and Augmentations Reality

9) IOT- Internet of Things

10) Quantum computing

11) Python Language

12) Reinforcementlearning (machine learn daily life task from human’s)

13) Daps

14) Biotechnology

The above mentioned technologies offer promising career opportunities now and in the times to come. It is good to learn these technologies at the early stages of evolution. Doing so will lead IT aspirants to a successful career. These technologies will make the human life easier and therefore may be indispensible part of daily routines in the future.

Guest Lecture, Mr Shoaib Rafiq, Technology Resource Group Inc

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

On the 9th of November’17,the BBA department organized a lecture by Mr.ShoaibRafiq -Manager Global Sales – Technology Resource Group Inc. Coming from the sales and marketing background, Mr.Rafiq spoke to the final year students at length on how technology had revolutionized the way people did business in the modern age.Topic of the discussion being “ disruption in technology” , he took the students back into the days of the  “barter” system ,bringing them eventually back to the present era. Having so set the backdrop , he stressed that the managers of the day needed to master both the  theories of management and the nuances of technology if they wanted to be successful in the field.